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Hearing 2022 Sarah Morganti tells her story - Zeta

Hearing 2022 Sarah Morganti tells her story – Zeta

“I apologize for the delay, I was with the horses. I went to the stable but didn’t have to ride, was just to feed them. I could assign someone to do it for me, but I don’t want to because it’s something that makes me happy. Maribel, Royal Delight and Ferdinand get to know my husband and sister, call us. There is a deep cognitive relationship.”

Born in 1976, Sarah Morgante is an Olympic bronze medalist and current world champion in freestyle and artistic Paradisage.a system in which the rider makes the horse perform a predetermined series of shapes and movements to demonstrate the degree of training.

She is originally from Castelnuovo di Garfagnanain Lucca County, Ed I rode a horse for the first time at the age of thirteen. “My older sister played this sport. I tried and never got off, I fell in love right away because I love animals and The added value of horse riding lies precisely in the presence of these great beings with exceptional sensitivity“.

At the age of nineteen, she was diagnosed there multiple sclerosisOne of the concerns that affects Sarah the most powerfully is her inability to ride anymore. “My neurologist told me she would have to weigh the pros and cons. In the end, I realized my craving was so strong that the benefits would outweigh the risks. However, one thing seemed certain: No more racing.”It was ten years since I found out I had the disease until I discovered that my specialty was at the Paralympic level. In all that time I kept doing it for the sheer pleasure of doing so, even though I thought I could no longer take part in the competitions.”

In 2005, Morganti demonstrated his racing design: Ai gold and one silver Italian Paralympic Absolute Equestrian Championship. In 2006 he won Two gold medals at the Lombard OpenAnd the Two gold medals at the Tuscan Championships still 1st and 2nd places in the Italian Paralympic Absolute ChampionshipWhich is enough to be named Athlete of the national interest For two consecutive years.

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An exacerbation of the disease puts her out of competition for 24 months. In 2009 he returned to the field, participated in Italian Paralympic Championships Absolutewho wins One gold in technique and one in freestyle And honorary award like Best artistic result ever.

In the face of successes, “My family may have been a little anxious but they let me do it. They were very close to me by staying away, which allowed me to try and even hit my head sometimes.”

after, after Participation in the Italian absolute championship 2010 and 2011 injury.

“It was 2011, the mare fell, I broke my leg badly.” The hero explains that due to the low tension in her legs, in order not to risk falling, she was tied to the saddle. When the Persians faltered, Morgante was crushed. “It took me a while to get that image out of my head. As I was going up there was fear but it never got to the point of saying enough.”

In 2014, at the World Equestrian Championships in Caen, it was the turn of the gold and silver in Heaven.

If he was thinking about the worst moment of his career, it would definitely be Exclusion from the 2016 Rio Paralympics. Unexpected news arrived a few hours after the race. The judges felt that Royal was not fit enough to compete. “I didn’t find it right. If the mare hadn’t been well, I would never have brought her. I felt so unfair that I thought I would stop competing. Even if I stop riding, while I can, never. But I had a strong temptation to leave the races.”

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However, already in 2018, the Morganti-Royal Delight couple returned to the field at the World Equestrian Games held in the United States, and this time there are two golds in Paradressage. The following year, two more wins in silver at the European Championships reinforce the champion’s desire to compete.

“Victories in world championships were the best moments of my career. She then qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics and won two bronze medals. It is the ultimate aspiration of every athlete. While you are there it feels like a dream and when you leave it is so beautiful that it seems like it never happened.”

The secret of combining a man and a horse in the career of Paralympic player Sarah Morgante

A wonderful career, not without difficulties. “It is a very expensive sport. To continue my first non-competitive and now competitive activity, I had to look for a parallel job. At the moment I am the secretary of a private company and an equestrian center, and I give private lessons as a level 3 technician.”

Dedicating an exclusively competitive career has always been impossible for Paralympic athletes. “I belong to the Blue Flames sports group as a member, not as a hired player. Only in February 2021, a decree was approved for which Paralympic athletes can also be employed within the military sports groups. Entry to the Fiamme Gialle is a historic step and a marked cultural change. We’ll see if I can be a part of it, there’s probably an age limit. In any case, I am happy for all the athletes who will be able to devote themselves to their sport in 360 degrees like my colleagues in the Olympic disciplines.”

In her spare time, Sarah is divided between training and corporate commitments. “I strongly believe in the power of the Paralympic sport that I am in now Athletes representative at the national level in Italian Paralympic Committee. I dedicate myself to promoting and spreading knowledge of Paralympic sport because I see what it does to myself on a physical and psychological level. Doing sports for people with disabilities has infinite value, it allows us to plan positively for the futureRecently, because a few more free hours were available, “I enrolled for a master’s degree in Sports and Physical Activity Management.”

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On August 6, start Herning World Cup 2022You are competing for a medal or just for the salty aftertaste that race and competition leave behind. Morganti chose to take the Royal Delight with them. With firm, assured strides, the mare traverses the space separating her from the trailer bound for Denmark. Royal goes first, and her partner joins her a few days later. They will be in the field on August 10. Contracted muscles, tendons in tension, the same mare under pressure and the champ will run in the same rhythm, it will be the only noise the two will hear, the field they will see: It is a binomial, an inseparable link, suspended between chemistry and chemistry.

“Ready for a new adventure!” Morganti writes in explained From a photo posted on Instagram, she is smiling with her sister Victoria Morganti and her husband Stefano Mioli.

“I am the world champion but I know it will be difficult. I do not hide the hope for a medal. I did my best and I will do my best. It’s been a tough year from a health standpoint and I know I gave everything I could, I wish I could say I did my best, if ‘my best’ is the medal, I’d be very happy“.

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