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“Maybe it was the Gypsy King’s last game. England is my country, we are Spartans” – OA Sport

“Maybe it was the Gypsy King’s last game. England is my country, we are Spartans” – OA Sport

Tyson Fury has made clear his intention to retire At the end of the massive victory over Dillian WhiteThanks, it’s confirmed WBC World Heavyweight Champion. The British champion brilliantly defended the belt, asserting that he was undefeated and presented a show of rare beauty to the audience of 94,000 spectators who flocked to Wembley Stadium in London. The Manchester giant did not hide behind a finger after imposing himself by KO in the sixth round thanks to a deadly right pass that was cut into the opponent’s chin.

Tyson Fury was very clear when he picked up the microphone: “I promised my beloved wife Paris that the third match against Wilder would be the last. We quarreled, it was a great trio. Then I got an offer to fight at Wembley and I think he had to do it for my fans, for everyone from the UK who came here today to see me fight. Now I’ve done it all, I think this might be the latest outing from the gypsy king. What a way to say hi, thank you so much to the UK“.

Boxing, world champion Tyson Fury confirms: White demolished by force. Withdraw or return titles?

In fact, these are words that sound like goodbye to a great boxing, even if nothing official has yet. There would be one thing that could still spark the 33-year-old’s imagination and possibly convince his wife: a reunion of Category One belts against Anthony Joshua or Oleksandr Usek (the two will face each other in the summer for the WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO which the Ukrainians wrested from the British last fall). We’ll see what decision Tyson Fury will make after he releases an iconic battle cry to his fans: “”My England. We are Spartans!“.

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Photo: La Presse