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Ascoli – Cosenza 0-1: Final score and highlights

Ascoli – Cosenza 0-1: Final score and highlights

  • Thank you for watching the live broadcast of this match with us, see you in the next round of the Second Division!17:00

  • 90'+9'

    End of the match: Ascoli – Cosenza 0-1.16:59

  • 90'+6'

    Ascoli's last attack, a corner kick taken by Rodriguez, but no one touched it.16:57

  • 90'+3'

    When Cosenza has the ball, they stop and try to counter-attack.16:53

  • 90'

    There will be 8 minutes of stoppage time.16:51

  • 90'

    Ascoli pushes forward in search of an equaliser.16:50

  • 87'

    Cimino enters Cosenza for Antonucci.16:47

  • 86'

    Piccinini was called to VAR, changed his mind, as happened in the first half. It's not a penalty kick.16:46

  • 85'

    Yellow card for Totino.16:49

  • 84'

    Penalty kick for Ascoli! Foul by Maras on Rodriguez inside the area, Piccinini points to the penalty mark.16:45

  • 84'

    Yellow card for Meroni due to protests.16:45

  • 82'

    Vaisanen also leaves for Streng.16:42

  • 82'

    Celia joins Ascoli for Falzerano.16:42

  • 80'

    The second substitution in Cosenza, with Canuto coming on and Totino coming off.16:40

  • 79'

    Yellow card for Fontanarosa, foul on Masini.16:40

  • 78'

    Yellow card for Zucon, foul on Zadadka.16:38

  • 76'

    Vasquez saves everything! Camporesi enters the penalty area for Mazzucchi, who enters the penalty area and shoots a strong ball diagonally, and Vazquez is able to clear it and send it to the corner.16:37

  • 75'

    Ascoli is replaced by Dovizi and Calligara is out.16:35

  • 74'

    A yellow card for Takeo after hinting that there was a quarrel between the two teams.16:34

  • 74'
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    Yellow card also for Camporesi.16:34

  • 74'

    Yellow card for Kalo.16:34

  • 69'

    Yellow card for Mantovani after Totino was sent off.16:29

  • 68'

    Dorazio's Frabotta.16:28

  • 68'

    Mazzocchi takes Forti's place.16:28

  • 68'

    Triple substitution in the Cosenza match, with Zucon replacing Fouka.16:28

  • 66'

    Rodriguez's header went wide.16:26

  • 62'

    Marson falls after a tackle and shoulder problems for the goalkeeper.16:22

  • 59'

    Rodriguez per Nestorovsky.16:19

  • 59'

    Two changes in Ascoli, Tarantino comes in Doris' place.16:19

  • 56'

    Yellow card for Falzerano and foul on Dorazio.16:17

  • 54'

    Nestorovsky's utensils for Doris, photographed from a narrow angle, tended by Marson.16:15

  • 53'

    Caligara! Concluding a cross from the edge, the ball is not far from Marson's left.16:13

  • 52'

    Another header, this time Doris' attempt, blocked by Marson.16:12

  • 50'

    Header from Di Taccio after a cross from Zydadka, Marson blocked it safely.16:11

  • 48'

    A shot from Calligara from outside the penalty area collides with the ball and goes into a corner kick.16:08

  • 46'

    The second half of the Ascoli-Cosenza match begins. We start over with no alternatives.16:05

  • A balanced first half saw the home team start better and came close to scoring on several occasions, with Zydadka even hitting the post. Cosenza came out as the minutes ticked by, Camporesi hit the woodwork first and then in the final they scored after a wonderful pass from Totino.15:49

  • 45'+2'

    End of the first half: Ascoli – Cosenza 0-1.15:49

  • 45'

    There will be two minutes of extra time.15:47

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  • 44'

    Ascoli immediately tries to respond, shooting a corner kick from Calligara into the area, and Marson feels a little nervous.15:46

  • 41'

    Goal! Ascoli – Cosenza 0-1! Totino Network. Great play from Totino, who receives the ball in the penalty area and fires a shot with his right foot that hits the post first and then into the net.

    Take a look at Gennaro Tutino's player profile15:44

  • 38'

    Yellow card for Vizanin, entry from behind on Totino.15:39

  • 36'

    Forte's head attacks the near post. High ball over the crossbar.15:38

  • 35'

    Few shots on goal in the last 10 minutes of the game. A lot of long balls and balls go down low.15:37

  • 30'

    Half an hour into play and the teams were still tied at 0-0 and the game was balanced.15:31

  • 27'

    Cosenza which, after a difficult start, has now gained metres.15:28

  • 24'

    Also the pole for Cosenza! Camporesi heads in Kalou's cross, and the ball hits the woodwork.16:35

  • 17'

    Pole Ascoli! Zadadka headed a cross from the right side, and the ball hit the post to the left of Marson.15:20

  • 15'

    Ascoli pressed in the first quarter-hour, with Cosenza seemingly struggling to get out.15:16

  • 9'

    Listen close to the target! Still inspired by Di Tacchio, Nestorovski drilled the first ball in front of goal, with Marson watching.15:11

  • 7'

    Piccinini was called back to VAR! There is no strictness.15:08

  • 5'

    Penalty kick for Ascoli! Camporesi touched it with his arm after a push from Di Taccio, and Piccinini pointed to the spot.15:07

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  • 3'

    A strong start to the game, and both teams immediately seemed to want to find a way to score.15:05

  • 1'

    The starting whistle for the match Ascoli – Cosenza. Referee Piccinini.15:01

  • In the Ascoli attacking tandem formed by Duris and Nestorovski, Calligara will operate behind them. A back three consisting of Vaisanen, Poteigin and Mantovani. Cosenza, in turn, plays with a three-man defense that includes the trio of Merone, Camporesi and Fontanarosa in front of Marson. In attack there is room for Totino and Forte.14:34

  • Cosenza lineup (3-5-2): Marson – Merone, Camporesi, Fontanarosa – Maras, Fuca, Kalou, Antonucci, Dorazio – Totino, Forti. Available: Gyamfi, Cimino, Frabotta, Viviani, Brazilian, Zuccone, Florenzi, Mazzucci, Canuto, Crespi, Castelnuovo, Lai.14:32

  • Ascoli lineup (3-4-1-2): Vazquez – Vaisanin, Poteghin, Mantovani – Valzerano, Masini, Di Tacchio, Zydadka – Calligara – Durris, Nestorovski. Available: Celia, Adjapong, Quaranta, Tafkar, Giovanni, Valzania, Dovizi, Strange, Rodriguez, Tarantino, Viviano.14:31

  • The home team is just one point away from the relegation zone and is tied in the play-off zone with Spezia and Ternana. Both teams did not lose in five rounds, one win and three draws for Ascoli, two wins and two draws for Cosenza.12:11

  • A delicate challenge in del Duca between two teams coming back from victory. Ascoli needs points to get away from the playoff struggle, and Cosenza, after the success against Bari, will be safe if it wins today.12:08

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Chino and Lillo del Duca
    City: Ascoli Piceno
    Capacity: 20,550 spectators12:08

    Cino and Lillo del DucaFonti: Getty Images