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Anna Bettinelli Show (9), Martina and Meda Teases (8), Holden Swears (5), Unconvincing Jury (4), Silentanissimo (10)

Anna Bettinelli Show (9), Martina and Meda Teases (8), Holden Swears (5), Unconvincing Jury (4), Silentanissimo (10)

We have reached the end of the seventh episode of the evening programme Amici. Surprises and debates were the order of the challenge and the gloves thrown by the professors created moments of intense tension. Maria De Filippi gets closer and closer to the students, with words of encouragement and support when she sees them in difficulty, as is the case with Martina and Meda, while the competition becomes harder and harder for everyone: the final is getting closer and closer.

Let’s get acquainted with the report cards for this seventh appointment.

Anna Bettinelli Show (9)

Anna Bettinelli He picks up the seventh episode of Amici, sings and dances to “Walking in the Sunshine”, gets excited, defends his student teeth and nails, Martina. She came out with everyone trying to attack her and her artist. No, Rudy, Anna Bettinelli is not exactly tired, on the contrary. After many flips and acrobatic jumps, he managed to win the Teachers Challenge.

Martina and Meda (8)

The challenge is getting more difficult, and they both did their best, despite the very difficult week. Maria De Filippi has become a beacon for them and her words bring comfort in difficult moments. Martina It’s not just a sound What He should stop playing chess in his head, and plan his bids and match points, as Maria herself advised.

Meda (Generous Heart) with a dedication to his mother during the song “Portami a ballerina” while Martina allows herself to go into a cry of release before she knows who is coming home.

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Holden division (5)

The lost glove was one of the most tense moments of the episode. Holden He was unable to set up the challenge Lorella Cuccarini wanted against Mida because he was too busy finishing the production of his EP. “I’ve been working until six in the morning every day for the past three weeks,” Holden excuses himself, but then adds, “I’m working on the EP, taking care of every detail, from mixing and mastering, from recording to production, and writing alone in the room and preparing the loop.” Each week is challenging enough in itself.

There’s nothing to glean from other players, but producing your own EP with attention to all the details isn’t just about sending vocals to the producer, there’s work behind it. However, Holden must understand that life consists of choices and obligations that must be completed, and as Lorella Cuccarini says, we must be realistic.

Unconvinced jury (4)

For the umpteenth time, the jury can’t choose. Who can illustrate this point during the Excellence Challenge, thrown by Alessandra Celentano between Dustin and Meda: this trend towards “they’re all so good, we can’t choose” has to end, after all they were specifically called upon to evaluate the talent of hard-working boys Every week in preparation for challenges.

Kelantan (10)

“The dance world knows” and so do we, my dear Alessandra Celentano. The most famous dance teacher on television developed amazing dancers who gave amazing performances. The bar is always higher, but Celentano has taught her students well in Celentanism, the religion for which there is only one dance, the one done well!

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Creator of memes and phrases that stay in the mind and become iconic, if Alessandra Celentano had not existed, they would surely have invented her.

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