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“Workers’ Canteen”: The customer eats at Villa Crispi and is shocked  Cannafaciolo without words

“Workers’ Canteen”: The customer eats at Villa Crispi and is shocked Cannafaciolo without words

Antonino Cannavacciolo – Instagram –

An unprecedented storm by Antonino Cannavacciolo. One customer was shocked after his experience at Villa Crespi.

If we talk about Antonino CannavaccioloWe know that we are in the presence of A Great businessmanAnd also A excellent H Famous chefwhich also became several years ago Media personality a comprehensiveWithout losing sight of its basic activity. Let’s talk clearly about kitchen.

The nerve center of his empire is the restaurant Villa CrispiWhich he participates in managing His wife is Cinzia PrimastaDespite his dual commitment as a judge withinItalian edition to Chef, keeping him away from home, his family, and his restaurant for several months. Despite all that His wedding It’s going smoothly.

In a kitchen Chef Instead, he now shares his experience with friends, rather than teammates, Bruno Barbierinow dedicated as veteran From the programme, e.g Giorgio Locatelli. The three get along very well and this is no longer a mystery to anyone, especially to those who… Participation in the program.

Antonino Cannavacciolo, the gentle giant of the kitchen

Antonino Moreover, thanks to his imposing stature and the reassuring, never intimidating tone of his voice, he was nicknamed with good reason and great affection as The gentle giant of the kitchenBecause he managed to do so Soak a Great security both of them Reality show contestants That’s for those who They work in his kitchen.

However, at present, Cannavacciolo He had to deal with a terrible problem to solve. Let’s talk about one Bad ratingpublished on TripAdvisorfrom a client who apparently wasn’t feeling well when he went to have a meal at home Villa Crispi. Story facts.

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Antonino Cannavacciolo Asphalt
Antonino Cannavacciolo – Instagram – Tripadvisor –

“Workers’ canteen”, stinging words

It appears that the customer in question was not particularly comfortable with the service, especially the way the dishes were presented. “Excellent foodBad service from Workers canteenThese are the opening words that should then be continued One complaint about the staff Generally.

Basically the user complained about Lack of bilingualism. In any case, the Food quality It has been defined great From one breath. This is definitely a point in the chef’s favor. AntoninoBeing a consummate professional, he was then able to correct his aim, as they say, regarding He complained about a loophole in service. Briefly, all’s well That ends well!