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Giovanna Civitello, Amadeus “acquits” his wife.  Anger on social media

Giovanna Civitello, Amadeus “acquits” his wife. Anger on social media

Anything and everything happens in opinionto Amadeus, and now also to Wife of Giovanna Civitello. Because after the shocking announcement of the host's farewell, it seems that the web is now attacking his wife, in light of the rumors that have circulated in the last few hours. Indiscretion now Amadeus denied himselfWhat is powerful is that Civitello also had a “hand” in the divorce from Viale Mazzini. play, perhaps, A crucial role in convincing the presenter To pack your bags. Social media already plays a role massacreClearly. Let's see below What is happening in detail.

Indiscretions regarding the denial of Giovanna and Amadeus

Instead of criticizing him, they blame her. We know that the mechanics of social media are harmful. no Comet Giovanna Civitello seems to be able to escape this game of carnage. Because the rumors speak clearly: Amadeus is said to be among Specific conditions for renewal From the contract, it was drawn up from New program to be commissioned king To Joanna. Rumors and inferences, at the moment, that Jose Sebastiani's father now Sample answers.

“The choice was not easy for me.”“,” Amadeus writes in a long Instagram post about the divorce from Ray. “Also considering the significant efforts Ray made to keep me, which I never made There is no request to benefit my family members Or excluding my former aides, despite what has been circulated in the press in recent days. That's not my style.”. Therefore, the denial is categorical. Amadeus did not leave for family reasons. Giovanna had nothing to do with it.

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On the contrary, he was one The decision was made alone By connector. However, he would like to thank Viale Mazzini from the bottom of his heart. “I have been working in Rai for many years,” he often writes on Instagram. “It was a source of pride for meAnd the responsibility and tremendous pleasure. He goes into public service My deepest thanks”.

Web insults against Giovanna

But denial is not enough on social media. The hate game has already begunBoth Amadeus and Giovanna Civitello lose casualties in these hours Insults of all kinds. “Anyway, you're both ungrateful,” growled one social media user, “Sometimes a lot of success goes to waste…what a shame!! And to think that Amadeus was my legend (what a disappointment) I just have to thank RAI because if that's what he's become… He owes that only to RAI.”. And then, little by little, the wife gets involved too. “Ray gave you so much money you don't even know how much,” Go to the hell”, is a toxic comment to someone. Or again, “He went away because RAI wouldn't agree to do a show for his little wife…Crazy stuff…go…run away.”.

Everyone is a little sad about the announcer's farewell to Ray. But let this justify, now, Insults are unbearable The fact that it is also raining in Civitello is a completely different matter. All we need now is for the haters to start The couple's son was completely shot Jose Sebastiani. It would be the most ridiculous straw ever.

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