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The semi-finalists and guests were eliminated

The semi-finalists and guests were eliminated

In the The seventh episode of the Amici di Maria De Filippi evening Everything happened. Included Elimination is very painful And the official nomination of competitors semi final Amici 23. Saturday 4 May was a watershed evening in this edition of the talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi.

The talent show they’ve already been eliminated from Singers Aile and Lil Julie and dancers Gaia, Como, Giovanni, Lucia, Nicolas. On the May 4 episode, one of the leaders of the singing class had to leave Amici.

The odds of the team led by Alessandra Celentano and Rudi Zerbe for the final victory of this version of Amici rise significantly after the seventh episode. This is, in fact, the only team that has not yet bid farewell to any of its rivals and, above all, has the certainty of getting the cup: Dustin and Marisol They are the only two dancers left and… One of them will win Circuit dance class.

the difference

Anna Bettinelli-Raymundo Todaro: Singer Martina

Rudy Zerbe – Alessandra Celentano: Singers Betty and Holden and dancers Dustin and Marisol

Lorella Cuccarini-Emmanuel Lo: Singers Meda and Sarah Toscano

In the seventh episode of Amici Evening, the guests were the singers Emma Brown And the actor Enrico Brignano.

Despite the usual antics of the pair of Rudy Zerbe and Alessandra Celentano, who achieved victory in Challenge among professors This week it’s duets Anna Bettinelli-Raymundo Todaro.

First run with the team Anna Bettinelli – Raimundo Todaro To face the one led by Laurella Cuccarini and Emmanuel Lo. To end Martina is on the ballot. The second match: Laurella Cuccarini-Emmanuel Lu vs. the team led by Alessandra Celentano. And privacy: the gauntlet in between Holden and Meda It is won by default by the latter because Holden claims he could not prepare the song. A lively debate ensues. Dustin He is on the ballot. Third run: Midas ends up in the runoff For the final elimination in the match that witnesses Cucarini-Lu confronting Zerbe-Celentano.

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Final ballot arrives Dancer Dustin any Singers Martina and Meda. The dancer is the first to save himself and return to the game. Between Martina and Meda, it was the singer who had the worst: Martina was eliminated from the seventh episode of the Amici evening.

To have gained access to Semi-finals Amici There are 23 singers Meda, Sarah, Betty, Holden, and dancers Dustin and Marisol.