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American Students Clean up in Florence: "Our Way of Saying Thanks" - Chronicle

American Students Clean up in Florence: “Our Way of Saying Thanks” – Chronicle

Florence, March 10, 2022 – Dozens and dozens of students from eight American universities, with volunteers For assembly via Maju And for the residents, they met this afternoon in Piazza Tasso, armed with a bucket and shovel, they illuminated the most battered areas of nightlife to demonstrate, contrary to what the bad news says, how closely they are related to it. The city that hosts them.

The boys were divided into small groups, together with volunteers, residents, and inescapable merchants, each finding himself in his own niche to do veritable clean-up work on a large scale in the wake of the looting, the activity Athlete born in Sweden Which is specifically the collection of waste and cigarette butts while running, combined with physical exercises to protect the environment. Consul General of the United States of America in FlorenceRagini Gupta He commented, “Tuscany hosts more than 70 American study programs and is among the best destinations in the world for our students.”

They cleaned columns, lampposts, walls, consoles, and street signs in the area that stretched around Piazza Tasso, Santo Spirito, and across de Neri, in a kind of peaceful invasion that led them to retake the city and its spaces. Our students request that they be able to volunteer during their study stay. It’s their way of expressing thanks.” Caterina Polucci, Director of James Madison University in Florence. of the same opinion Frank Nero, Dean of Florida State University: “One of the missions of Florida State University’s Florence Program since its founding in 1966 has been to give back to the community of Florence with all it has to offer.” This year, the grand event, which arose out of a collaboration with Via Maggio and thanks to the contribution of Paesaggi Comuni of the CR Firenze Foundation and the Municipality of Florence, has been enriched by new collaborations and partnerships such as the Aurora Association, I Bianchi di Santo Spirito, Ta Ta Tà and the Sustainable City Association.

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“It is truly wonderful to see so many students, who have come to our city for an educational experience, roll up their sleeves and cooperate to maintain fitness and beauty. It is important to educate the younger generations to respect the common good, and this initiative undoubtedly goes in that direction.” , Deputy Mayor Alicia Bettini confirms. He concludes, “It is an opportunity to connect with associations, institutions and organizations that play a major role in the life of the city Environmental Consultant Cecilia Del Rey – who join the living forces of young American students who have finally returned to Florence after the end of the pandemic. A way to promote environmental culture among our fellow citizens, temporary citizens but fellow citizens, and to experience the historic center together.”