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Smentite dichiarazioni Horner su illegalità Mercedes

Horner denies Mercedes’ illegality – – ​​F1 Team – Formula 1

[Aggiornamento ore 10.30] Other specifications provided by Red Bull to reporters:We want to be clear: We did not and will not comment on the Mercedes.” Replica of Auto, Motor und Sport: “We can confirm that Horner spoke to us about the Mercedes W13.”

[Aggiornamento ore 10] – As posted an hour ago by Cars, Sports and Sports On Christian Horner’s comments about alleged Mercedes wrongdoing, he was flatly denied In a press release released to the media by Red Bull: “Horner has not given any interviews regarding the single-seater Mercedes. Any statement attributed to him this morning is incorrect.”
So the judgments were misreported, which, moreover, would have prompted a quick joke by Toto Wolff, which was always published by the German publication: “How can you say our car is illegal after only half an hour of seeing it? “.

Just as the Red Bull RB18 was the big anticipation in Barcelona’s testing, today all the interest was catalyzed by the Mercedes W13 which already presented a car that was strongly revised compared to the one observed in Barcelona and practically without bellies. Red Bull boss Christian Horner immediately started attacking: The new Mercedes violates the spirit of organization Horner’s words were reported by the German newspaper cars and sportsFrom our point of view there are some illegal ingredients. Adrian Newey said, when asked about Horner’s remarks I haven’t seen very good W13 pictures yet Therefore, she cannot yet express her opinion. Therefore, the differences expected this evening are ready to explode in Bahrain. Ross Brawn has repeatedly stated that stables that violate the organizing philosophy will not be “forgivable”. We’ll see what developments follow after the revolutionary Mercedes W13 is revealed.

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