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Milan-Salisburgo 4-0, le pagelle: il gesto di Tomori è decisivo. Così come lo strepitoso Giroud

AC Milan-Salzburg 4-0, Cards Report: A decisive Tomori gesture. Plus the amazing Jiro

AC Milan – Salzburg 4-0 (14′ Girod, 46′ Kronich, 57′ Girod, 90+1′ Messias)

Milan (by Simon Burnaby)

Tatarusano 7 – In the first half, when Salzburg was in the match, he developed a feeling of centeredness and coolness. Exactly what Milan needed who, by making money from a goal, would have risked seeing ghosts

Kalolo 7 – Two shots: Okafor’s bounding slip slammed into the net, 35-meter shot in the second half. It is now one of the confirmed facts of Milan reaching the knockout stages of the Champions League. From 86′ Gabbia sv

Kjaer 6.5 In a game where experience risks becoming a factor, and it really is, Bewley does not abandon her. And even with some flaws in the first half, he leads his department mates rather than authority

Tomori 7 – That slip, that first-half closure, is worth and probably more than a goal scored. Timing, attention and focus where and when it is needed

Theo Hernandez 7 – After a few blank paragraphs, he’s back to being the demonic hammer we all know on the left. Pole after 3 minutes, sprint after sprint, repeated dangerous actions. This (high) level is always required in the Champions League. Starting at 77 ‘Ballo-Touré sv

Bin Nasser 7 These corners are a marvel, and Milan is benefiting greatly from them. Epee and foil, but always with the quality which the team in Turin lacks. from 69′ Bubiga 6 – Gives substance and makes Ben Nasser catch his breath when the game has little to say

Tonali 7 – Felt less of a quality maneuver than his division mate, but among the many things he does is a perfect corner kick for Giroud’s first goal

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Rebic 6.5 – The severity and ugliness caused by the ton, but also some errors in the support phase. He puts his hand on the second goal and closes the captain’s badge

chronich 7 – Some defects in the first half during the support phase, then the Rossoneri’s apotheosis goal at the beginning of the second half, which gives calm to the team and effectively stops Salzburg. From 77 ‘De Ketelaere sv

Leao 6.5 – The first half is almost absent, and the maneuver is in pain. In the second half, he was shaken, causing panic in more than one circumstance, leading the Austrian defense out of the border and setting the San Siro on fire. Even if the goal is incomplete, mark the cross. from 69′ Messias 6.5 Enter, assist in the defensive phase and score 4-0. Big impact in every game but it’s already over

Girod 8.5 – It’s one of the most popular hero tokens ever to appear. Milan literally cling to it and do a good job: the 1-0 header, the 2-0 assist, the 3-0 goal, the half-pass for Messi at 4-0 and many little things in the course of the game that ended in victory. Him and Milan

Stefano Pioli 8 – Between De Keteaere and Diaz choose Krunic. And as it almost always happens, the facts prove him right. Milan returns to the knockout stages of the Champions League almost 9 years after his last participation and even in this goal there is much, much more from his hand.

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Salzburg (by Marco Perracci)

Cohn 5 – He failed to get Jiro’s head out of the door, seemingly late. Strongly rejects the abolished goal against Milan. Takes four without real echoes.

Didek 4.5 – Rossoneri’s left chain is intimidating: Leao and Theo do whatever they want, always finding the bar up. Clumsy attempt to postpone 3-0.

Solet 5.5 – He plays a little by surprise and suffers from Liao’s jerks, not being able to catch him when he changes his pace. Still in the locker room. from 46′ Bernardo 4.5 – From bad to worse, the Giro was lost instantly.

Pavlovic 4.5 – Followed by Juventus to redesign the defense, positioning the corner kick is not the best position. And on other networks no better.

Whopper 5 – Usually he is the center, and this time he is given the opportunity to squeeze into the band. He put up a pair of interesting crosses but was late on the diagonal on Krunic. Starting at 77 ‘Ulmer sv

Seewald 5 – At San Siro, he behaves almost like a spectator because in the middle of the field he hides the ball from him between Nasser and Tonali for ninety minutes.

Guarana-Dawath 5.5 – The box is starting to send a signal, it’s actually a flash in the pan. He gets tough on Theo but gets hurt. from 64′ Camry 5.5 – He goes to archery with a little conviction.

5.5 – Insidious entries without the ball: was blocked by Tomori at 0-0. In the first half he extended the team with a gallop and then disappears.

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Suči 5.5 – The dance between the lines in the middle is causing some headaches for Milan’s defence. Give a large ball perpendicular to Okafor, try to the end with a little accuracy.

Adamo 5.5 – Never stop giving unpredictability. Widely used in favor of companions’ wounds, when he fills in the area he finds on his way, Tatarusano. from 62′ 6- Cisco A potential hero, test Tatarusano’s reactions.

Akafour 6 – Heralded as the number one hazard, in the field he confirms he is an uncomfortable customer by always taking the right step. It gives the impression of preaching in the desert. From 77 ‘Quetta sv

Matthias Geisley 5 – Leading the youngest team in the Champions League and still competing for qualification at the San Siro on the last day with a group of twenty years successful. Loyal to the club’s philosophy, but courage is not enough: the position is commendable, and the defensive stage is exciting.