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14 teams in the second round, 2 more places for free

14 teams in the second round, 2 more places for free

They closed the Champions League group stage, hmm 16 teams Qualify for the round of 16 that will participate in the lottery Monday 7 November at noon. In the first four groups (A, B, C, D) Napoli, Porto, Bayern and Tottenham They pass from the top of the class, Liverpool, Brugge, Inter, Eintracht Frankfurt from the second. In the European League, Ajax, Bayer Leverkusen, Barcelona and Sporting Lisbon were relegated. Tonight the final verdicts arrived: in the fifth set Chelsea’s first safe place, Milan second, Salzburg third and Europa League. In the group F Real first, he also advances Leipzig while he Shakhtar He goes to the European League. In the seventh group, he advances City and Dortmundrespectively I and II, while in group H. Benfica First for most goals scored away from the ground e psg to me. Juventus in the European League.

Group A
Napoli is ranked first and Liverpool is second, with 15 points, goal difference in the two matches head to head. Ajax third and in the European League. Last place for Glasgow Rangers.

group b
Porto first with 12 points, and Brugge second with 11. In the European League, Bayer Leverkusen ousted Atletico Madrid.

group c
The first place with full points is for Bayern, and the second for Inter. In the European League, Barcelona. The last time was Victoria Plzen.

group d
With 11 points, Tottenham passes first, according to Eintracht Frankfurt. Sporting Lisbon in the European League. Marseille exit.

group E.
Chelsea is first in the group with 13 points. Milan is second with 10, in the second round, Salzburg, third, and in the European League. Dinamo Zagreb outside.

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group F.
Real Madrid has 13 points and qualifies in first place. Leipzig won four goals against Shakhtar and qualified for the round of 16 with second place in the group, while the Ukrainians go to the European League. Elimination of Celtic.

Group G
Manchester City first with 14 points and Dortmund second with 9. Seville in the European League. outside Copenhagen.

group h
Benfica and Paris with the same points (14), won matches and drew (4 and 2), the same goals, scored and conceded (16-7), but the Portuguese first with more goals than the French, secondly. Juventus came in third and Maccabi beat Benfica 6-1.