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2026 Olympics, Cortina bobsleigh track project fails.  Malago: “The races will not be held in Italy”

2026 Olympics, Cortina bobsleigh track project fails. Malago: “The races will not be held in Italy”

The bobsleigh track will not be built in Cortina. A project that started poorly and continues to get worse — with mounting delays and costs that keep rising — has forced the raising of a white flag: The bobsleigh races at the 2026 Milan-Cortina Olympics will not be held in Italy. The President announced this this morning […]

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there Bobsleigh track to curtain It won’t happen. A project that was born bad and continues to get worse – Ben Delay Bigger than ever and Costs That kept rising – I forced it to rise science white: Bobsleigh races Olympic Games to Milan-Cortina 2026 They will not be made in it Italy. This was announced by the President of CONI this morning, John MalagoThis was on the occasion of his speech on the stage of the 141st session of the International Olympic Committee, which was held in Egypt. Mumbai in India. In the end it worked out exactly the same way It was expected: building the system on the old runway Eugene Mountains In Cortina, which would have also caused significant damage impact On the environmentThey would be useful At least 150 million euros. Too many, even in the face of A timetable Which is now a race against time, prompting Business Not even considering the idea of ​​starting to build a track. Foolish to those who, who Semico In the Veneto region Passing through GovernmentI blindly supported the project for years.

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the Initial master plan The Milan Cortina company envisioned rebuilding the Eugenio Monti amphitheater. However, it soon became clear that simple renovation was not possible: in fact it was necessary to demolish the old road – the only thing that had been completed so far – and then build a new road. Initially there was talk of it costing a little more 40 million From the euro. The bill swelled as the delays piled up floor firstuntil the total number is reached About 124 million. As of April 2021, He began to have the first doubts about the work he was about to destroy hectares of forest And leave a legacy plants Expensivewith a high risk of repeating the waste committed by A Cesena For the Winter Olympics in Turin 2006.

These days, when suddenly Clear to everyone It would have been a pop building in Cortina a job impossibleThe hypothesis of the revival of the Cesena trail has emerged again. But at the same time all the problems appeared again Critical issues From the Piedmont factory, which had in the meantime become A He destroys. One of the main causes of failure is the direct placement of the exposed runway In the sun. The Minister of Sports was keen to put an end to this once and for all. Andrew AboudiAdmitting that she would also be needed to bring Cesena back to life too many resources Economical.

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The only conclusion is to move bobsleigh races to Austria Or in Swiss. victory for the environment And safes statebecause Cortina’s path would have beenAnother cathedral in the desert. This is a terrible number for Italy and for the 2026 Olympics, as he was forced to move abroad. Now two options remain: Path St. Moritz Or that of Innsbruck. The Austrian hypothesis has been ignored for a long time: Luigivalrio Saint AndrewAlternatives near the Italian border were being evaluated, the CEO of Infrastrutture Milano-Cortina 2026 said in January this year. Without finding any. In December 2022 Andrea Varnier He became CEO of the company Milan Cortina Foundation (The body that regulates the games, not the business) A few months later, he revealed ilfattoquotidiano.itwrote to Innsbruck for information about renewal From the Austrian track. Varnier himself said: “When I took over the stadium files, I received Semiko data, stating that the Austrian track was not ready.” In an interview last May. He then added: “We have Plan B for everything. There is a global event and we have to be prepared for any eventuality.” Now it is Plan B, which leads to Innsbruck or Switzerland The only way left.