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Eddie Eagle, Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Sports film tonight on TV: “Eddie Eagle” Tuesday May 4, 2021 at 21.10 on RAI 5

Eddie Eagle – Courage to Madness (Eddie Eagle) it’s a Movie From 2016 Directed by Dexter Fletcher With with Taron EgertonAnd the Hugh Jackman e Keith Allen.

The movie is based on the true story of Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards, The British skater who’s in 1988 He became the first athlete to represent United kingdom All Winter Olympics In discipline Ski jumping.

In 1973, the young man was 10 years old Eddie Edwards He dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete, playing various Olympic sports and failing miserably, his mother supports him unconditionally, while his father constantly discourages him. During adolescence, he dreamed of taking part in it Summer OlympicsAnd he decides to dedicate himself to Alpine skiing to reach Winter Olympics. Despite his success in the sport, he is rejected by British Olympic officials for his rude style. At this point, Eddie realizes that the only chance to go to the Winter Olympics is to become a figure skater, a system that the UK has not participated in for 60 years. Then he moved to the vaulting training center Garmisch-Partenkirchen, at GermanyThe most experienced athletes, especially the Norwegian team, make fun of him.

With no money in his pocket, Petra, the woman who runs the bar at the sports center, helps him. Eddie is not discouraged and trains alone with alpine skiing equipment: After successfully completing his first jump off the 15-meter jump platform on his first attempt, he immediately decides to try to jump off a 40-meter ski jump, but without success gets hurt. a Battipista The alcoholic, Bronson Perry, advises Eddie to give up, but Eddie’s stubborn spirit and a shared sense of ostracism from other athletes persuades Perry to train the boy. Peary is actually a former promise of figure skating in the US, who at the age of 20 gave up his competitive career after a struggle with his coach Warren Sharp, who is already a famous American champion. Because there is so little time to qualify for 1988 Winter Olympics, To be held at CalgaryIn Canada, Eddie and Bronson are working hard to improve technique, even using unconventional techniques, in order to be able to jump from 40 meters off the jump and landing platform while standing.

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Eddie is confident, because the rules for British Olympic qualification are now out of date due to the long inactivity of English jumpers: to be able to qualify, in fact, it suffices to be able to successfully complete only one jump in any competition in a trampoline of 70 meters. Soon, he entered an amateur competition and managed to successfully complete only the 38-meter jump, however, conquering the new British record and the right to be part of the British Winter Olympic team. However, in the meantime, Olympic officials, in an attempt to exclude Eddie from the Olympic competition in order not to discredit the UK by amateur performances, suddenly decided to change the rules: Now they demand Eddie to jump at least 61 meters (200 meters). Presented) in an official athletic competition recognized by the National Olympic Committee.

Despite the frustration, Eddie does not give up and decides to continue training and training, and to enter the European Ice Jump Cup. His jumps are getting better and longer each time, but not so much that it meets the Olympic 61m requirement. During a test jump marking the last valid race of the Olympic qualifiers, he manages to land exactly at 61 meters, but then in the race he falls during the official jump and is disqualified. Eddie is morally devastated and decides to go home to work with his father as a plaster. When everything now appears lost, he unexpectedly receives a message containing the results of his last test, including the symmetrical recording of the 61-meter test jump, which constitutes irrefutable documented evidence of the achieved goal of eligibility to compete in the subsequent Olympic Games. . Bronson tries to bend my hand, because the whole world will make fun of him and his country if he participates in the Olympics; But Eddie is holding out, noting that they always only tell him the Olympics aren’t for him.

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Upon arrival, prof Calgary, He is immediately despised by other British athletes, making him drunk (making him miss the Games opening ceremony). Eddie has finally finished the jumping competition for a distance of 70 meters, but his 60.5-meter jump is his personal best and the new British record: his great jubilation at being able to complete the test makes him beloved by audiences and reporters, who nicknamed him Eddie. Eagle “(Eddie” Eagle “). On the phone, Bronson slams Eddie for not taking sports seriously. Then Eddie becomes more determined, and after calling a press conference, he publicly apologizes for his strange behavior, and guarantees his love for the sport: he does not want to be mentioned as a meteorite and announces the novelty of his desire to try the jump from the 90. -meter springboard. That he hadn’t tried before. Bronson decided to go to Canada to support him in his work.

After an encouraging conversation with his idol Matte “Il finlandese Volante” Nykänen On the trampoline elevator, Eddie jumps and barely manages to land. Once again, he ranks last, but his jump of just 71.5 meters allowed him to beat the new British record, the crowd’s applause and the compliments of millions of spectators around the world. Reluctantly though, British Olympic officials must surrender: Eddie Edwards is now an idol. Warren Sharp reconciles with Bronson and congratulates him for his excellent work. Eddie Edwards returns home and is greeted at the airport as a national hero by a crowd of fans, including his mother running to hug him, and his father who tells him he’s so proud of him.

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Directed by Dexter Fletcher

With Taron EgertonAnd the Hugh Jackman e Keith Allen

Source: Wikipedia

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