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Zola warns Chelsea about Juventus and Osmen claims Lukaku


Former striker Gianfranco Sola said that Napoli star Victor Osimhen is the successor to Romelu Lukaku and that he is warning Chelsea against Juventus.

Today Piconconary will face spaghetti at Studio Pico at 5.30pm UK time.

They haven’t won the First Division yet, but they have beaten Malm in the Champions League.

Next week, they will be hosting the Chelsea Alumni at Allianz Stadium.

“Chelsea should not take anything for granted,” Sola La Gazzetta told Delo Sport.

“Thuchel is a smart manager and Chelsea is a great team. The match against Tottenham was fun. There was a lot of quality. They resisted the impact of Tottenham in the first half and won three goals in the second.

However, Juventus never died and the first half against Milan was good and could reclaim the ground they lost in Serie A.

The Bianconeri are 10 points behind Napoli. Partenobi have won their first four league games of the season and could advance if they beat Zamboria on Thursday.

“Napoli are really strong in every field,” said former Napoli striker Zola.

“Osimene, Enzine and Politano up front, they have high quality in midfield, strong defense with Kalidou Gulibaly and two reliable goalkeepers. I didn’t see any weaknesses in their team.

“I don’t know when Osimhen arrived last year, but I read it a bit and found a talented player.

“His movements are very good and his athleticism is devastating. He is Lukaku’s heir, he is still young and has room for improvement.

Osimene, 22, joined Napoli from Lille in the summer of 2020.

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He scored ten goals in 30 games for Napoli in his first season with the club.

He has scored three goals in four games so far this season and his contract with Maradona’s studio expires in June 2025.

Between 1989 and 1993, Zola scored 36 goals in 136 matches for Napoli.

He then joined Burma and Chelsea before returning to Cochlear, where he ended his career in 2005.


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