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Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut has been removed from Steam in countries without PSN, apparently

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut has been removed from Steam in countries without PSN, apparently

It seems that Ghost of Tsushima: The Director’s Cut He was Removed from steam In the Countries not reached by PSNWhich seems to confirm Sony’s desire to continue its aggressive approach regarding PSN account requirements for its games.

Despite the reversal that has been made regarding Helldivers 2, in the wake of large protests organized by PC users, it appears that the mandatory PSN account also on PC games is set to remain for other titles, even for those that feature a strong single-player component like Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut.

In recent days, in fact, it has been confirmed that PSN will only be used for online multiplayer elements of the game, but the issue seems to have taken on a different connotation in recent days and it now seems that Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut has been released. It has been completely removed from Steam in countries where PSN has not reached it, effectively preventing purchases as an account for Sony’s online platform cannot be created.

It seems like Sony necessarily wants you to require a PSN account

Ghost of Tsushima is primarily a single-player game, but it looks like Sony wants PSN anyway

Aside from imposing another account, which as we know is never welcomed by gamers, the problem with Sony’s request lies precisely in the fact that the platform… PSN is not available worldwideThere are more than 170 countries that cannot be accessed, and therefore an account of this type cannot be created.

This is one of the reasons that led to the outcry over the mandatory account linking for Helldivers 2, which Sony has since accepted with the requirement removed, but this seems destined to remain an isolated case, given what happened with Ghost Tsushima: Director’s Cut appears to show He wants to continue imposing.

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Therefore, the radical solution that Sony found is to remove the game from sale in countries where the PSN network is not available, even if there are still no official communications on the matter and the information comes from SteamDB, which is still considered a fairly reliable source. For everything related to the Valve Store. This will likely be discussed in the next few days, even in a somewhat animated way, with the Director’s Cut expected to arrive on May 16, 2024 on PC.