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Marika Pellegrinelli is a mother for the third time: Ariella Wilhelmina was born

Marika Pellegrinelli is a mother for the third time: Ariella Wilhelmina was born

The trio of happiness Marika Pellegrinelli. The model, who is already a mother of two beautiful children, I became a mother for the third time. This is the first love of DJ and music producer William Djoko. After three years of their relationship, the couple gave birth Little Ariella Wilhelminawhose birth was tenderly announced on social media by mom and dad.

Marica Pellegrini has become a mother again

The little girl is now almost ten days old Ariella Wilhelmina Makes mom and dad the happiest in the world. Marica Pellegrinelli took some time to enjoy the new baby before announcing his arrival on social media, but now it’s official. The model became a mother for the third time, after Raffaella Maria and Gabrio Tullio, born from her previous relationship with Eros Ramazzotti, which lasted ten years and ended in divorce in 2019.

But let’s go back to the good news, announced by a sweet Instagram post showing Marika and William’s determination to spoil the newcomer: “Finally with us, we have imagined you all these months and you have exceeded all our expectations with your efforts. Sweetness and patience, we already love you infinitely and will try to protect you.” As much as possible. For the DJ, Ariella is the first daughter.

The mother then takes a few lines to thank her partner: “My father William supports us in every step I take, in every step I take he is our strongest thanks, with him everything is in harmony.” Then there is room for friends: “We have tried to inform our loved ones during these ten days and we hope that we have not left anyone out. If you receive the good news with this post, know that it is a post of love and joy on our part, from Rafaela and Gabrio.” And finally for all the happiness of the moment: “Our house is celebrating! Full of love, flowers, incense and gifts.”

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Marika and William’s large family

Marika Pellegrinelli and William Djoko met in a sensitive moment for the model, it was 2019 and the breakup with Ramazzotti was still ongoing. It was not the right time, but it became so two years later, when they met again for dinner, and since then, they have never left each other again: “I was very lucky. I opened myself to love and risk. – She said GraziaBefore him, no one had ever entered my house, and I had never introduced my children to anyone“.

Three years later, a large and loving family was born. World famous DJ He instantly bonded with his partner’s children When he learned of Marika’s pregnancy, he said with happiness: “A new addition to our wonderful, love-filled family, with Rafa and Gabrio being the most extraordinary sister and brother a little girl could ever hope for, I’m sure of it.” . I love you both so much!”