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INPS Retirement Certificate 2024, ObisM Form Online: What is it – QuiFinanza

INPS Retirement Certificate 2024, ObisM Form Online: What is it – QuiFinanza

The so-called ObisM 2024 model, Retirement certificate For all data controllers, it is updated and available on the INPS website. This was reported by the Institute itself, reporting on this year’s changes, which relate in particular to the adjustment of the cost of living allowance, equivalent to 5.4%, and the application of the new Irpef rates.

Retirement certificate 2024

With Letter No. 1772 dated May 9, INPS provided all information regarding the online service, Targeting retirees from all departmentsincluding the former Inpgi 1 administration (which was merged into INPS as of July 1, 2022), beneficiaries of social security and welfare benefits.

As indicated by INPS, retirement certificate However, it is not intended “Pension support benefits which, not having the nature of a pension transaction, are not revalued annually and continue to be paid in the same amount throughout their duration” such as the social monkey, exceptional bonuses and “equal treatments” (pursuant to “Article 4, of the Law of June 28, 2012, n.

As every year, the ObisM model is published taking into account the generalized activities of – Re-evaluating pensions and social welfare benefits, necessary to allow the payment of eligible Social Security and welfare benefits. Starting in 2021, it will be available in dynamic mode and is updated on the order date.

Availability of pension certificate Information On the total monthly amount of the January installment and the thirteenth installment (if any), and on any installments of the other two months, in the event of changes in the conditions determining the checks and on the amount of individual tax deductions and any applicable tax deductions, as well as the reporting of all notices regarding check deadlines and obligations. Reports changes in income from work and residence to INPS.

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For 2024, the model also includes information about:

  • – Increase in pensions by an amount equal to or less than that Minimal treatment (Recognized, for the year 2024, at a rate of 2.7% without distinction of age, for holders of a total gross pension of less than or equal to the minimum payment for each of the monthly payments until December 2024, including the thirteenth monthly payment)
  • Flexible early retirement, i.e Class 103is recognized on a trial basis for the year 2023 upon reaching a chronological age of 62 years and a contributory seniority of at least 41 years and completing the requirements by December 31, 2023.
  • Implementing the new calculation system for brackets and rates for tax purposes in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 216 of 2023.

Furthermore, a pension certificate can be obtainedThe amount of daily deduction Which the pensioner must inform the employer. For early pensioners, the Authority highlighted the accumulation system that entails the obligation to communicate in a timely manner in the event of receipt of income from work.

How to access the ObisM model

INPS reminds you that the ObisM 2024 form can be viewed on the Institute’s website, at “Citizen’s social security file“, by logging in with one of the following credentials:

  • Spid Level 2 (Public Digital Identity System);
  • Cie 3.0 (electronic ID card);
  • CNS (National Services Charter);
  • The device pin issued by the Institute is only for residents abroad who do not have an Italian identity document and therefore cannot request Spid credentials; eIDAS (Electronic Identity Authentication and Signature).
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