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Heat is coming, the temperature is rising like summer, but will it last?  details

Heat is coming, the temperature is rising like summer, but will it last? details

Yet another change comes in the climate. The temperature rises

The heat is exploding and suddenly it already seems like summer. The temperature is rising fast and we will reach 30 degrees Celsius in the next few hours.
However, this situation will not last long this time either.

Pressure has increased in the last 24 hours and this has led to the return of the sun to most of the country, resulting in a general rise in temperatures, especially in the Mid-North. However, in the south, the temperature increase is currently less felt due to unstable conditions moving towards Greece as a result of a cyclonic gyre.

This is further exposed from the increase in heat Saturday 11th May Temperatures are higher in the Mid-North 24-25°Cwith even higher peaks in the interior of Tuscany and in the Alpine valley bottoms.
The peak of this warm phase, even if we are talking about a moderate heat, is reached within Sunday, May 12Almost the whole country is surrounded by late spring or summer weather, which is very pleasant and not too much, except for local thunderstorms in the alpine areas, especially from afternoon to evening.

The highest temperatures are recorded in the south and SardiniaThermometers are near peak 30°CThe maximum temperature varies in the center and in the Po Valley 25 e 27°C.

Maximum temperature forecast for Sunday, May 12, 2024
This warm phase is again temporary. The Next weekIn fact, the atmospheric pressure will drop again and the Atlantic currents, the precursor of disturbances, bad weather and the resulting multiplicity. Temperature dropEspecially in the north and center.

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