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Then comes the fifth defeat in a row

SPAL (4-2-3-1): Thiam. Dickman, Vicari; Capradosi, Tripaldeli; Viviani, Crusade; Sec, Mancuso, Esposito; Colombo. Coach: Clotet

On the bench: Siculin, Pomini, Spaltro, Cocolo, Heidenrich, Celia, da Riva, Moura, Dorazio, Zuccolini, Latte Latte, Melchiori.

Vicenza (4-3-1-2): old; Di Pardo, Pasini, Cappelletti, Calderoni; Zonta, Pontiso, Ranocchia; Proya. Mancini, Giacomelli. Everyone.: Di Carlo

On the bench: Pizziniacco, Convente, Prosecco, Erardi, Padilla, Sandon, Crico, Dalmonte, Rigoni, Lungo, Megarini

Rule: Antonio Di Martino of the Teramo Department

Networks: 30′ pt Seck (S), 37′ pt Zonta (V); 8′ st Viviani (S), 16′ st Colombo (S), 49′ st Proia (V)

The results of the fifth day of the SERIE B series and their order

the other half

Spal beat Vicenza and sentenced them to a fifth loss in a row. A bitter final for the red and white who finished last in the standings at zero point.

49′ VICENZA PROIA 3-2 TARGET. Regarding the developments for the winning corner of Proia, but it is now too late.

45′ Five minutes of recovery

41 ‘The only protagonist Spall in this final

36′ D’Orazio touches poker

29′ outside Zonta and inside Crecco, Longo instead of Especially nervous frying pan on the bench

27 ‘D’Orazio Place Seck

23 ‘Ex-Da Riva enters SPAL for Viviani

16′ Spal Colombo goal 3-1. Vicenza also suffers from the third goal. Colombo does it all on his own, takes the defense for a walk on the trocar, focuses and closes with the left, finds the low angle

13 ‘Tripaldeley Cautious

Vicenza doesn’t give up even if it’s really hard on the mezze. Mocking Viviani’s goal, a few moments before Zonta took possession of the ball to get past it

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10 ‘Di Carlo double change: Meghorini for Mancini and Dalmonte for Jack

8′ Spal Viviani goal 2-1. Spal returned with a brush from Viviani from a free kick, Grande broke through the near post

1 ‘Second half starts

first half

48′ The first half here ended 1-1 in Al Maza. Spal makes the game, but Vicenza is still alive, defending herself with the system, and starting over again to take risks. The lottery for Zonta who responded to Seck

45′ 3 minutes of recovery

40 ‘The Crusade warned of a severe intervention in Ranokia

37′ Gooool Vicenza Zonta 1-1!!! The corridor is there. In Calderoni’s cross shot, Zonta Thiam’s flapping throws first. parity now.

35′ Red and White are trying to react right away, who haven’t distorted yet but kept the pitch well, risking little or nothing.

30′ Goal Spall 1-0 seconds. Lynn goes under. Moved all left, Tripaldele goes down and crosses Seck who kicks and finds the net after the ball hits the post.

29′ Mancini warned

Vicenza is now 3-4-1-2, with Cappelletti, Padilla and Pasini in the middle, with Di Pardo and Calderoni on the wings

19 ‘ infection Pontis It did not take. frying pan in place

15′ 0-0 again, live match, Spal very aggressive but Vicenza straight away

7′ First Ring Lane: A central but powerful free kick Giacomellilook at thiam

1′ Everything is ready at Mazza. The challenge begins!

Spal Vicenza, 17-year-old owner of Mancini (Photo Trogu)

Spal Vicenza, 17-year-old owner of Mancini (Photo Trogu)

A few minutes and Spal and Vicenza will take the field. Another plea to Lane and Di Carlo, who risk being excused in the event of defeat. Three points can restore confidence and charge to the red and white environment. Grande again between the columns, Pontesso in the direction and Bruya in the trocar. Unpublished attack with Mancini and Giacomelli. Weigh the four absences due to injury.

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