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Your job, Simona protests to Amadeus: “You weren’t talking!”

Your job, Simona protests to Amadeus: “You weren’t talking!”

Simona From Abruzzo is the opponent who played last night, Sunday, May 5, 2024, announcement Your job, a Rai 1 Access Time game show hosted by Amadeus. Accompanied by her sister Barbara to the studio, she was the heroine of an evening on a roller coaster. It started disastrously She gets back on her feet with stubbornness and a little luck, so that the young woman can return home with A Total respect. Here’s how it went.

Your Job (May 5), Simona vs

As every evening, we start in the Amadeus studio with presentations. Simona is originally from Ornano Grande, a small village in the province of Teramo. She is a mother of two and works in a biscuit factory. His evening begins with fishing Package No. 20but the first part of his game is nothing short of disastrous, so much so that he finds himself halfway through the evening No super prizes At stake and with the impression – which Amadeus also fears – of the inevitable deviation towards it Lucky area. But at this point comes a turning point. The doctor picks up the phone and speaks Something that has never happened before,Suggest exchanging parcels with open up Eight packs. “I think it’s a record“You don’t sleep during the first fifteen minutes of the programme, maybe after that,” notes Amadeus, who then, in order to ease the tension, rises into the audience and plays with a spectator who seems a little confused.

Then the focus returns to the match. Simona decides to change the package (leaving the 20th for the 19th) and from there the trip begins A victorious journey Which brings her back into the game, because 7 out of 8 calls agreed upon with the Doctor pull blue packets. So we reach the final stage of the loop with 3 packages in play, one blue worth 1€ and two red worth 10,000 and 30,000€. The doctor’s offer was not an unforgettable one: 8 thousand euros, an amount rejected by Simona, who then attracted attention by telling Powerful story which connects it to the number 19. ‘to 13 and 17 (the numbers of the packets remaining in play plus their number, unknown“I am restricted because these are the days my two children were born,” she explains. The 19th has brought me more bad luck in my lifeOr rather 2019, the year I spent 45 days in the hospital, but I want to give it a second chance.”

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The Story of Simona and the (Double) Dream with Padre Pio

Therefore, Simona narrates in detail her vicissitudes of health, always keeping a smile on her lips, and also reveals a double visit in a dream that she received from Padre Pio and identifies herself as “”miracle”:

“That year, I was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease. A few days after the diagnosis, I had a dream. I don’t believe in dreams, and I don’t believe in anything in general. That night I dreamed of myself.” Father Pio Who held my hand to tell me, “You should come and visit me.” In the morning I woke up and left him. “It’s a dream, I must have eaten too much.” The next night I felt someone holding my arm again…it shook me. “I told you you had to come visit me, I won’t tell you again.” I woke up with a start and called the nurse. “Did you happen to come into the room?” “We didn’t do anything to you, nor did we touch you.” The next morning I got the diagnosis with treatment. I am a miracle because I deal so well with the problem I face. After some time I went to visit him. I had another little girl. I baptized the little girl on September 22, the feast of Saint Padre Pio. That’s why I’m not afraid to challenge the doctor: I’ve seen a lot… and I’m not afraid of that.”

The happy ending (after the disastrous beginning)

After Simona impresses Amadeus and the studio with her story, she continues her game and finds the final blue package, allowing the host to begin the usual screaming ritual.Safe moneyThe last minutes of the evening are accompanied by the story of another dream of the competitor, this time starring Amadeus: “Mother, I have been dreaming of you for three nights and in your hand is a package that contains nothing; no number, no number, and I say: talk to me, tell me something, instead you are silent.” “You didn’t speak!” “Nothing, I’m stupid even in a dream,” the host comments, laughing.

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Finally, it ends with little pity, because with two winning options – €30,000 and €10,000 – the competition immediately rejects the offer of €19,000 and heads straight like a train towards opening their own package, which turns out to contain 30 thousand euros. So the evening could end in celebration, despite what seemed like a disastrous start.