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Fedez is accused of defamation against Codacons, and asks to be acquitted – News

Fedez is accused of defamation against Codacons, and asks to be acquitted – News

He left the judicial citadel of Rome with his hands raised in triumph. For him, the Public Prosecutor asked not to continue the proceedings in which he was charged Slander against Codacons.

The hearing before the capital judge lasted more than three hours Fedez In a new chapter of the legal dispute that took place months ago against the Consumers Association, consisting of complaints and counter-complaints. The subject of this trial are accusations made by the rapper against Codacons regarding an allegedly misleading banner posted in 2020 on the Codacons website regarding the coronavirus. “It went very well,” said the artist as he left Claudio’s square. “It is the eleventh time that the judge has asked for an acquittal: the Codacons must rest his heart and devote himself to more useful things. In the courtroom I defended by explaining that the banner used to collect “The donations were misleading.”

For him, Public Prosecutor Antonino Di Maio requested his acquittal of the charges, noting that the subjective element of the crime was missing. The judge postponed the hearing until next June 17, the date of pronouncement of the ruling. Before being charged by the prosecutor, Videz underwent interrogation at his request in recent months. The discussion with the parties continued for more than 90 minutes, during which the accused rejected the accusations, indicating that the banner that appeared on the association’s website was misleading to him, and “as a citizen, I felt the duty to report everything to the police.”

Based on what was stated in the investigation documents, on April 17, 2020, Fidesz went to the Rome Trionvale Arma station to file the complaint against the association. According to the prosecution, the content of that complaint falls within the crime of defamation. In fact, the indictment states that Chiara Ferragni’s former partner “falsely accused” Carlo Renzi, president of Condacons (who is in the courtroom today), of attempted fraud and defamation. Federico Lucia, the rapper’s real name, “falsely accused Renzi of publishing a hoax message on the Codacons website, which – as stated in the indictment – would make people believe that the fundraiser was promoted on the website in the month of March 2020 is the battle against the Coronavirus, prompting “an unspecified number of users to join the above-mentioned campaign, in order to have donations that were instead used for the exclusive benefit of Codacons”.

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In the complaint, Fedez accused Renzi of defaming him in a press release issued in March 2020 and in several videos published on YouTube. The artist’s alleged crimes were subsequently archived, leading to the artist being accused of defamation. Prosecutors in Claudio Square had initially requested Fedez’s dismissal, but the court refused and ordered Fedez to face mandatory charges.

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