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Riccardo Guarnieri breaks silence on possible return to Oued

Riccardo Guarnieri breaks silence on possible return to Oued

Riccardo Guarnieri, after a lot of rumors about his engagement and not returning to the Maria de Filippi show, has finally broken the silence.

After finally ending his story with Roberta de Padua, Riccardo Guarnieri fans are wondering if The former knight will return to men and women. The 40-year-old from Puglia, in recent weeks, has allowed himself to go to a long interview where, in addition to talking about his possible return, he also explained how he is now.

Ricardo Guarnieri breaks the silence

After about a month of silence,The beautiful knight from Taranto broke the silence and finally told how things were going in his private life. Ricardo Guarnieri chest long interview with Men’s and Women’s Magazine In which he talked about Roberta and the end of the relationship. The interruption sparked a string of controversy, especially for the strong statements the 40-year-old made in the living room of Canal 5, before the show ended.

In this regard, Guarnieri reiterated what he said in May, namely that Everyone must bear their faults which, in this case, are fifty-fifty.”. The latter also commented on the meeting between the two exes (Ida Platano and Roberta de Padua). “When I read about this meeting and how it happened in the magazine, I laughed a lot.”He is done.

The knight can return to men and women

During the interview with the official magazine of the program, the classic question cannot be missed: Will you return to Ued in September? Also in this case, Ricardo was very clear and made it clear that so far he’s fighting hard.

“There’s a part of me that will come back, going down when I get out, to start over from scratch; another part of me realizes that I probably won’t feel comfortable anymore Because I did something stupid and I realized. That’s why I’m sorry the program has always been a great experience for me, and I have always been treated by those who work on it with the utmost respect.” Therefore, for the time being, he has not confirmed its existence but certainly has not denied it.

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