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Young people are abandoning Netflix |  Exodus is not on TikTok but on YouTube

Young people are abandoning Netflix | Exodus is not on TikTok but on YouTube

One large American investment bank conducted a survey of up to 10,000 people Zoom in Let’s find out that Netflix is ​​no longer as popular as it used to be, and YouTube has finally overtaken it.

Some of you readers know the name Piper Sandler? Probably not because before writing this article we had no idea what it was either, and We had no idea why he was scanning large samples of children.

But in the end it goes without saying that this was done for a good reason because it allowed us to discover something that will definitely make more than one person happy. Netflix is ​​not as popular as it used to beRather, it is slowly giving way to what will likely become Future TV.

Or perhaps it already is, we simply don’t want to give in to this evidence yet.

Let’s go in order.

What do teens benefit? Mr. Monster Maybe!

Piper Sandler is a large American investment banker who, in an attempt to better direct the funds in his possession, tries to obtain as much information as possible about the world around him. Specifically to achieve this goal, the bank conducted a survey aimed at finding out one specific thing: that What Zoomers are watching in this time?

Let’s summarize this definition very quickly so as not to leave anything to chance: they define themselves Zoom in everyone – Those born between 1996 and 2010, One year more, one year less. Zoomers are the first generation to have significant knowledge of the online medium since then Born as a digital native; For them, there are few differences between online life and offline life, just as they have very specific preferences when it comes to entertainment, they leave the world Classic TV aside in favor of the entertainment provided by social media and streaming services.

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Well, after the Piper Sandler survey, things may have changed a little because the data shows Netflix falling among the favorite activities of this segment of the population. However, it must be said that the investigation is not final; Finally, the answers obtained during the month were analysed September 2023 to 10,000 babies born And he grew up in it United States of America; Conducting the same survey again in Southeast Asia would likely produce radically different results. The average age of the interviewees was between fifteen and sixteen years, and thus the interested audience is classified as Teenagers.

According to the data collected, these children spent around 29.1% of their daily time to watch YouTube videos, This exceeds the time spent on Netflix by less than half a percentage point (the American company actually stops at… 28.7%).

Data taken into account without first conducting a contextual analysis does not look very interesting: the gap is not exaggerated, we are talking less than half a percentage point! What changes the cards on the table is precisely the context: by examining the results of previous years’ surveys, in fact, it is possible to notice Netflix’s downward slide Corresponds to growth Youtube.

The streaming platform par excellenceactually, It lost two percentage points while YouTube gained one point. A sign of how young people’s tastes are changing again. In third place in terms of the platform people spend the most time on is Hulu, at 7% of the day. Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, which are very popular here in Europe, have similar ratios but are still lower than what we’ve seen so far.

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What is the reason for this change of pace?

Maybe it’s time to rename “Netflix & chill” to “YouTube & chill”?

The bank’s analysts were able to give a preliminary result Because YouTube Advances in usage ratings; It is plausible that the economic issue has something to do with it (with Netflix doing everything it can to force users to pay more and more every month) while Youtube, With an indefinable mountain of adsit remains anyway It can be used by basically anyone.

What would have been easier to identify instead It was Netflix’s physiological declinearises reasonably Also and above all from Increasingly fierce competition That streaming platforms bring to the table. Having a lot of options and getting a lot of subscriptions It forces consumers To make informed choices, with the less affluent bringing up the rear in terms of usage.

What else did the survey find?

Let’s add more to this article Color dataThis is to understand what the tastes of American teenagers are and how different they are from us.

What is their favorite clothing brand? Nike; Favorite celebrity? Taylor Swift; What social media would be so hot if it wasn’t Tik Tok? What if it wasn’t?iPhone To be everyone’s most desired tool? The same thing you can buy Even in installments on AmazonJeff Bezos’ favorite platform among teens in America, just as (probably) here in Europe.