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It’s very true that Angelina Mango is talking about her boyfriend for the first time

It’s very true that Angelina Mango is talking about her boyfriend for the first time

Angelina Mangoa guest Silvia Tuvanen to very rightHe presented his latest songs what I can say?.

there Winner of the singing circle Friends 22He started his tour You will livetell how he experiences success:

I’m enjoying every minute because this is what I’ve always wanted to do. I was five years old when I wrote my first song, my brother was doing computer basics and I was writing songs. Anyone who knows me knows that my self-esteem wasn’t exactly at exciting levels, when I was young it was the opposite, to the point where my first song was called I fell in love with myself. She emphasized that a woman cannot search for a man all her life but can be self-sufficient and thus love herself. This was my idea when I was five years old and it doesn’t change whether I like it or not. Maybe everything you’ve worked for has paid off.

The singer-songwriter then explained that the ad experience friends He helped her grow and how she was able to overcome anxiety years later:

I have grown in the past year, and thanks to the responsibility I have taken on, I have learned to give the right weight to things. When I was younger, I had a harder time giving things the right weight, so even the smallest things became stressful. I definitely had more concerns. Since I started sayingyou are afraid? Do it anywayThe perspective has changed. This does not mean that fears and problems have disappeared, but I have learned to live with many things well. Anxiety is no longer present in a crippling way as it was in high school. I didn’t think this could happen because when you suffer from anxiety you think it will go away forever and instead it happened and I’m really happy about it. I wish that on everyone because it holds you back and doesn’t allow you to try things. I had a harder time spending time with people who weren’t paranoid.

Regarding the support he received from his family, he said: Angelina He said:

My family is always my reference point. My mom and brother are like my legs, they support me a lot. Even when they are far away they follow me and help me. Not everyone gets to have such a united and loving family, I’m lucky. I think if I had done something else in life, I wouldn’t have been a fish out of water in my family, because in addition to being musicians, they are open and inclusive people. The most important value my mother taught me is education.

If there’s one thing that makes me nervous it’s rudeness, and maybe this particular side of me makes me realize that maybe I’ve had a good education. With education you can do it everywhere, you have to be nice because no one wants to hurt you. My father taught me kindness and hard work, and the responsibility of having a talent that is not enough in itself and must be nurtured, accompanied and developed. The person I respect most in the world is my mother.

in the end, Angelina She talked about her boyfriend for the first time Antonio Cirigliano:

I am a person who falls in love and I am capable of love. I’ve been in love for a while and I still am, hopefully for as long as possible. It makes me happy, we share a lot of things, we spend a lot of time together, and that means we love each other. I’m a lively person, a little crazy, so being around me isn’t just happy, it means we love each other.