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Singers, lineup, live TV and times

Singers, lineup, live TV and times

Expectations are growing for the big concert that will take place on May 1, 2024. An event that will remain historic from a certain point of view. In a break from tradition, the workers will be celebrated in a splendid atmosphere at the Circus Maximus instead of Piazza San Giovanni, which is off-limits to work. More than 50 artists will perform for nearly 10 hours on stage in front of tens of thousands of people, not at all deterred by the dire weather forecast and a yellow alert in place throughout the day. Not just the music, obviously. On the occasion of Labor Day 2024, the CGIL, CISL and UIL have chosen the slogan: “Let's build together a Europe of peace, work and social justice” with a clear reference to the role the Old Continent must play to resolve and mediate international conflicts. However, we will first talk about work, with special emphasis on the issue of safety.

The event, with free entry as always, will start at 1.15pm. Thus, after Big Mama opens, the party will come back to life starting at 3.15pm with the performance of the new duo Noemi and Ermal Meta.

Singers at the May 1 concert at Circus Maximus

Geolier has also been added to the Labor Day concert lineup, completing the list of more popular artists (especially among the very young). Taking to the Circus Maximus stage will be: Achille Lauro, La Actor de Lista, Colabesi DiMartino, Malika Ayan, Dargen D'Amico, Rose Vilan, Piero Bello, Quiz and Fra Quintale, Leo Gassman, Morgan, Ultimo, Tananay, Mahmoud, El Nigramaro, Arrietty, and Mughni. Rap Alda, and Anna Castelia. Added: Caffelatte & Giuze, callmifaro, Cor Veleno, Cosmo and Ditonellapiaga, Ex Otago, La Municipal, Lina Simons, Maria Antonietta and Colombre, Mazzariello, Mille, Motta, Olly, Rosa Linn, Rose Villain, Santi Francesi, Stefano Massini and Paolo Giancci , Tisigila, Tribolari, Tropico Uzi Lefki, Vale LP. There will also be Bloom, a project born from the idea of ​​Giusi Ferreri and Max Zanotti, who then took part in Roberta Raschella and Alessandro Doccoli.

As every year, the three winning artists of the 1MNEXT competition will also perform on the May Day Concert stage: Attard (Ancona), Giglio (Torino) and Munari (Rome). One of the three will be selected by the event's technical management and will be awarded during the live TV broadcast as the overall winner of 1MNEXT 2024.

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Line-up for the May 1st concert in Rome

The ceremony begins with a kind of “pre-show”. The opening will take place at 1.15pm with Albi, Cioffi, Diego Lazzari, Nashelli, Etta, Gudiano and Irbis. However, Noemi and Ermal Meta will be preceded by BigMama who, in fact, will present the first part of the concerto.

Once available, we will inform you of the singers' release order here.

Labor Day

As was the case in past years, the ceremony will not be limited to talking about workers. CGIL, CISL and UIL wanted to highlight the many conflicts of different types that currently exist. “Let's build together a Europe of peace, work and social justice” is the slogan chosen by unions for the 2024 edition of the ceremony, which will take place just over a month before the European elections on June 8-9. From environmental crises to social crises to the many wars that are still ongoing. Topics to be covered during the event but also before it. In fact, from 12.10 to 12.55, on Rai 3, the General Secretaries Pierpaolo Bombardieri, Luigi Spara and Maurizio Landini will be in Monfalcone for the national event. Here they will welcome trade union delegates as well as pensioners on stage.

The concert is on TV and radio

As always, Concertone entry will be free. May Day will also be a day to listen and watch on Rai Radio2, the official voice of the concerto which, from 4pm until after midnight in simulcast with Rai 3, will broadcast the 2024 edition of the event in an unmissable marathon of emotions, music and fun.

We start with the live broadcast presented by Diletta Barlangelli which will continue until around 7pm, returning to the call around 8pm with Carolina Di Domenico and Pier Ferrantini who will accompany the audience until the end of the show. From 7pm to 8pm on Rai Radio2 and on DTT channel 202, Ema Stokholma's DJ set will be broadcast from the main stage of the event. Rai Radio2, which will broadcast from an exclusive backstage location created in collaboration with SIAE – the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers, will host all the artists at the end of each performance to collect live comments and exclusive background information. Furthermore, new multimedia content will be available on the radio's social channels with all concertone champions, starting from rehearsals on April 29th and 30th and from the live broadcast on May 1st.

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Also this year, the entire concert will be made accessible by Rai Public Utilità: starting at 3pm – and for the duration of the concert – subtitles created live by the SAXA RUBRA studio will be available on page 777 of Televideo; Starting at 8pm, the audio description – which can be activated on the dedicated audio channel – and broadcast on Rai Play, will also allow blind people to know details about the lights, scenography, costumes and movements of the artists and presenters. on the stage. Also starting at 8 pm, the live broadcast will begin accessible with subtitles and LIS on Rai Play, created by Studio 2 in Via Teulada and which will also host the audience for the first time on the occasion of the concert.

In particular, a team of 7 artists – including two young deaf artists – and interpreters, will take turns translating the jokes of the hosts and guests into LIS and translating all the songs proposed on stage, again in Italian Sign Language. Circo Massimo, conveys, through body movements, emotions and musical rhythm and presents an artistic performance pleasing not only to the deaf audience, but also to a wider audience of spectators, who have learned to appreciate the expressive power of Lis. Finally, accessibility to the LIS at Circus Maximus will also be ensured – starting at 8pm again – by publishing the image of the interpreters and performers on the LED side walls of the stage, thus creating inclusion and full participation in the event.

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Changes in traffic

On the occasion of the event, via dei Cerchi, via del Circo Massimo, via di Valle Murcia, via della Greca, via dell'Ara Massima di Ercole and via delle Terme Deciane will be off limits. Control of the closure, as Roma Servizi per la Mobilità explains, will be entrusted to the local police and there will also be a presence of individuals appointed to control by the concert organizers. The closures could begin as early as Wednesday morning.

A security area has been established that can be accessed through the following manned gates:

– Via dei Cerchi/piazza di Porta Capena;
– Via del Circo Massimo / Viale Aventino;
– Via del Circo Massimo/Via della Greca;
– Via dei Cerchi/Via San Teodoro;
– Via delle Terme Deciane/piazzale Ugo La Malfa.

All closures and distractions will be in effect until “no longer necessary” on May 2, or until the theater is dismantled and the Circus Maximus area returns.

Transport changes

There are many changes in terms of transportation. Two very important ones. The first concerns the closure of the Circo Massimo metro station B for safety reasons. Alternatively, you can use the Colosseum and Pyramid stations. On the other hand, the service of all metro lines will be extended, only on the night between May 1 and 2, until 1.30 am.

Regarding the Capitoline public transport network, the public holiday schedule is scheduled for Wednesday, May 1. Atak says the service will be enhanced To facilitate the travel of the ceremony participants.

Moreover, in Ostia, on May 1, the summer line 062 will be reactivated, which connects the port to Castelporziano and which runs along the waterfront and allows interchange with the Metromare railway line at the Lido Centro and Colombo stations.