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“Let’s choose the picture that is the ugliest and the most naughty…”  What happened on TV

“Let’s choose the picture that is the ugliest and the most naughty…” What happened on TV

Selvagia Lucarelli,social drilling in Katerina Balivo. What happened? Everything comes from The episode “La Volta Buona” was broadcast on Friday, October 13, in the afternoon on Rai 1. As always, the episode welcomed several guests in the studio including Millie Carlucci, who spoke via the link, and Nunzia Di Girolamo. Caterina Balivo spoke with Di Girolamo about “Dancing with the stars“The Rai Show jury has also been confirmed as a whole for 2023 with Lucarelli herself among the members.

Palevo-Lucarelli, What Happened to the Volta Bona

On the big screen in the studio is a double image Guillermo Marioto And Selvaggia Lucarelli: the former was in a smiling pose, while Lucarelli had a decidedly annoyed look. This obviously didn’t sit well with the person in question who shortly after revolted on social media.

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“Speaking of cute: but yeah, let’s pick the photo where she looks ugliest and naughtiest,” Selvagia Lucarelli wrote on Instagram in a racy story.

Another social story followed in which she quoted a comment from one of her “followers” ​​who wrote to her: “He reminds me of Emilio Fedi… He was good at choosing the ugliest pictures of Silvio’s political opponents.”

An idea spread by Lucarelli who clearly believes that the fans’ words are completely sincere. What did Katerina Balivo think? At this moment there is no response, and the controversy is certainly being served on a silver platter.

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