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Record winter in America

Record winter in America

During the winter of 2023-24, the America They experienced unprecedented climatic conditions, characterized by unusually high temperatures and extreme weather events. This season has broken a number of records, reflecting the growing concerns regarding this Climate change Its increasingly visible effects are global and planetary.

With an average temperature of 3.1°C, the North American continent has now ended up being the warmest winter on record, beating the previous record of 2015-16. These conditions are reinforced by a significant event boy This helped keep the temperature at record highs in several states across the country.

Particularly hard hit were eight states in North America, from North Dakota to New Hampshire, with record temperatures never seen before. This warming has had consequences not only on the ecosystem but also on people's daily lives, influencing sectors such as agriculture and energy consumption.

Particularly notable was the month of February, during which above-average temperatures occurred in all regions. Continental United States. Many states have recorded high temperatures during this period, fortunately not interrupted by significant cold snaps.

Although the winter was very wet, most of the precipitation resulted from above-normal temperatures, resulting in rain rather than snow. Amount of snow 48 contiguous states Historical lows have been reached, for example as a result of traditional winter activities and spring snowmelt affecting water accumulation.

Another indicator of the effects of abnormal warming is a significant decline in ice cover Great Lakes, which fell to record levels. This phenomenon represents potential difficulties not only for local ecosystems, but also for economies that depend on fishing and other activities related to the presence of ice.

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Warmer winters have also set the stage for risk to expand fire and drought. A dramatic example is the Smokehouse Creek fire in Texas, fueled by strong winds and high temperatures, one of the largest in recent US history. The lack of rain in some areas has raised concerns about drought in the coming months, especially with the expected shift to the drought cycle. girl.

These events strongly illustrate its impact Climate change Ongoing, this manifests itself with increasingly mild winters, extreme weather events and a shift in the natural balance. Such an unusual winter is not only a record worth noting, but a clear signal of how rapidly and profoundly our climate is changing, calling us to think about the actions needed to mitigate these global effects.