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Stefano kicks a bowl

Stefano kicks a bowl

Temptation Island 2021 live stream last episode July 27: Who broke up and who got back together?

Stefano Watch the full video about Manuela and Luciano one. Do not doubt the kiss between the tempting and his fiancée. During the film, he laughs nervously and as usual shoots Zero at his partner and the solo Luciano. “That without a friend! She does not understand that if she wanted to, they had already accepted ”, “She bites every time”, some of Stefano’s nervously uttered phrases. The moment comes for the very long passionate kiss between Manuela, Luciano and Stefano is unbelievable. On the prettiest, the ad is sent out but you can already see the angry reaction from her boyfriend, who kicks a vase inside Benito. “I carried the burden,” he says once he returns to the betrothed husbands’ village. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Manuela says yes to Luciano

what’s the future Manuela and Stefano? As far as we’ve seen Temptation Island 2021 There must be no tomorrow between the two, even if the girlfriend seems destined to give Stefano one last chance. The last episode begins with Manuela crying into the night, contemplating the fire of confrontation that awaits her. Luciano’s solo farewell was not easy, especially after the words of the tempter that prompted her to make the decision and face the situation with determination. Manuela takes her time and organizes a surprise for the seducer with whom she spends a few hours of relaxation and sweetness on horseback. Luciano seems to have conquered her, in fact she tells him that she wants to be with him even on the outside. But then it seems to back off again.. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

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Manuela regarding Stefano’s decision

The journey ended in feelings. With this evening’s episode Tuesday 27 July Temptation Island 2021 It closes its doors. Which couples stayed together after the program ended? And which ones, on the other hand, have definitely erupted? In previous releases, there was no shortage of exciting surprises in the last episode, so we expect several shocks as well during this last appointment, which we will follow together in live derita. Especially the pairs formed by them Valentina, Tommaso, Floriana and FedericoHand in hand with experience. But beware of the ending that has not yet been written Stefano and his girlfriend Manuela For a couple consisting of Natascia and Alessio. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Adventure Island 2021: preview and live of the final episode, what happened a month later?

There is a lot of anticipation for the final episode of Temptation Island 2021. After the seasonal record set by the fifth round, which was broadcast yesterday 26 July, Filippo Bisiglia is preparing to return with an evening that will provide the audience with big surprises. Many wonder what will happen to the pair consisting of Manuela and Stefano, the absolute protagonist of this edition. Much cheer for the couple Manuela LucianoHowever, she encountered the arrival of a kiss, retreated, and walked away. But this evening Stefano will find himself in front of a scene that will make him very angry and angry. In a video anticipating some final episode photos, he comes out by kicking a chair and declaring “What a shame!” , in an apparent reference to his girlfriend. What happened? (Updated by Anna Montesano)

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latest flames comparison

We have now come to the end of this edition of Temptation Island 2021. One episode separates us from Greetings, the sixth and final episode airing tonight, July 27, on Canale 5. There are still a couple in the game: the first consists of Natascia and Alessio. At the end of Episode V, she takes a step back, admitting that she did not want to lose the story with Alessio and that she understands their mistakes. However, in tomorrow’s episode, there will be new pictures of her with Samuele acronyms and new controversies. However, everything leads us to believe that for them, in the course of the final confrontation flare-up, things will work out for the best and they will leave Temptation Island together again. It’s hard to say if this will happen too Manuela and StefanoEspecially considering what happened in Episode 5.

Manuela and Luciano, the kiss arrives in the final episode of Temptation Island 2021?

Manuela and Luciano They almost reach the qiblah. The bachelor also showed his willingness to continue their acquaintance abroad and his keen interest in him. But Manuela refrained from kissing for a moment. Things, in the new and latest episode of Temptation Island 2021However, they can take the role that many expect. Luciano will invite Manuela to a romantic dinner on the beach and here the fateful kiss can arrive. Will you reject him again this time? So there will be another comparison fire, as we’ll find out if the couple decided to go out together or not. Finally, we will know what the fate of the six couples was a month after the experiment ended: who is still together and who said goodbye instead? Appointment on Canale 5.

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Stefano and Manuela: Break is around the corner at Temptation Island 2021

Curiosity about the last episode of Temptation Island 2021 It’s a lot. In particular, the audience is looking forward to seeing the ignition of the final confrontation between them Manuela and Stefano. The latter, having expressed a lot of doubts about his girlfriend, in front of a new video of Manuela with the seducer Luciano, will have an uncontrolled reaction in the village of his friends by kicking chairs. So what will happen between Manuela and Stefano? Places prompted fans of the program conducted by Filippo Bisiglia to focus on the couple’s farewell. As Dianera Marzano explained by reporting indiscretion, Manuela appears to have been caught alone at a pizzeria in her country. So, after four and a half years, will you say goodbye to Manuela and Stefano forever? Click here to watch spoiler video.

New love between temptations and girlfriends? Jessica And David Pasolo, Alessandro Carlotta broke up?

The real heroes of Temptation Island 2021 were certainly the temptations. The people who won the most fans of the show are Luciano Ponzo who shared their experience with Manuela e David Basolo Who, on the other hand, got so close to Jessica that, at the end of the adventure, she decided to end the story with Alessandro after seven years. Was love born between girlfriends who are single and seductive? From the first rumors, it appears that all the seducers are still officially single. So there is no history between Jessica and Davide. But what will happen between Manuela and Stefano? We’ll find out this evening.

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