Sunday, July 21, 2024

Mauro Repetto (ex-883) is back on stage. And for the first time without Max Pezzali-


Mauro Repetto for the first time in a live show alone. The seventh edition of “IMAGinACTION”, the International Videotape Festival, will mark the return of the former member of 883 to the scene. The parade will take place in Ferrara from September 19 to 21 inside the Teatro Comunale. Three evenings of live events in which the film’s protagonists tell the audience the story of their careers through a mixture of words, music and images, with the videos that made them famous (and also the lesser known), alternating with their live performances.

Mauro Repetto’s exhibition will open on Tuesday 19 SeptemberWhich will provide a national preview of the book “I Didn’t Kill Spider-Man,” co-written with journalist Massimo Cotto and published by Mondadori. In the book, Repetto recounts his life and the history of 883 for the first time. The creator and founder of 883 will trace the stages of his career for theater audiences, as well as the genesis and tales of his greatest successes. A journey through time through 883 videos, all with songs that have been the soundtracks for many generations. And for the first time, he will be performing a solo show. So far, in fact, he has only been seen on stage twice, in 2013 and then in 2022, always accompanied by his friend Max, on some stages of his tour, including the San Siro tour in Milan.

He co-authored the lyrics to many of the band’s songs (among many “Come mai”, “Con un deca”), Repetto met Max Pezzali at school: they were classmates in high school in Pavia. Success exploded in the early 1990s with the publication of their first album They Killed Spider-Man and then Nord Sud Ovest Est. But the resounding success, which he arrived when he was just a boy, instead of electrifying Repetto, confused him: crises, panic, and the belief that what he is going through no longer a dream arises. From one day to the next, in 1994, the author leaves the band And after a while, he pursues a dream of love: he is struck by the beauty of an American model, Brandi Quinones, whom he notices at a fashion show and decides to leave for the United States to be able to conquer her. The story will not continue, but in the meantime the musician will build a new life. And in a few years he will experience a lot: he will try to break into the cinema as a producer, but he will be deceived. He will return to Italy, record a solo album, and go to France to try his career as a director again, but again without success. Instead, he will become the Director of Special Events at Disneyland Paris. Today he is married to French designer Josephine. The couple have two children.

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It will become the story of the 883 TV series. Crews are currently filming the first scenes in Pavia and Milan An eight-episode drama produced by Sky Studios, Matteo Rovere, and Sidney Sibelia’s Greenland. He gives face to the historical duo of Italian music Elia Nozzolo and Matteo Oscar Gugioli, respectively as Pazzali and Repetto. After the end of the 883 project, Max manages to build a solo musical career, but everyone wonders where he is, what he is doing, if he is still alive or if he did not end up like the Spider-Man sung in his songs. “Many people think I don’t exist, it’s an urban legend”. He tells it in the book: “An incredible frontier story, between gangs and fantasies and beatings and Hollywood morsels. A story that opens us to the emotions and thoughts of Mauro Rebeto, and helps us understand his decision to become invisible, anonymous, and not to be recognized by anyone. It is a testament to the long journey in search of himself and the peace he has gained with his past that today makes him say in a liberating way that he “didn’t kill Spider-Man,” but only pursued and fulfilled his new dreams,” Mondadori explains in a note.


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