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"You left me in shit" / "I'd be more selfish..."

“You left me in shit” / “I’d be more selfish…”

clash at night in Big Brother VIP 2021 between Sophie Codegoni and Jessica Selassie. The reason for the engagement is the selection of Jessica in the rescue series. during the The forty-sixth episode of the reality show, to determine the nominees for the second elimination that led to Antonio Medogno’s farewell, there was a rescue streak. Jessica Selassie is saved by Barrow who is also saved by Jessica Casella. And so Jessica finds herself choosing who to save between Sophie Codegoni, Manila Nazzaro and Mirjana Trevisan. Three people are important to her and it is difficult to choose between them.

On the last episode, Save Sophie, Jessica decided, last night, to spare Mirjana Trevisan another TV channel with her rescue. A choice he didn’t like Sully Sorge and named him Jessica too for this reason. After the episode, Sophie who seemed to understand Selassie’s choice clashed with the latter expressing her disappointment.

Sophie Codegoni and Jessica Selassie: Fight for the Rescue Series

While Jessica was in the orange bedroom with her sister Lulu and Mirjana TrevisanAnd the Sophie Codegoni She decides to join her in expressing her bitterness for not being saved by the one who, with Lulu, is her best friend in the house.

“You knew very well that by choosing Mirjana, she would have chosen Manila and I would stay in the bullshit” – Sophie settles down. “I would never have done that. We have made it clear that we will always be saved by the sword. I am not as mad at you friends as before, we are calm. I would certainly be more selfish and let’s avoid saying that we are all little sisters and daughters and cousins ​​because we are not”concludes with the former tronista.

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