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That's what it is.  Arissa protests

That’s what it is. Arissa protests

masked singerAnd the penguin And the Eduardo Vianello. to me masked singer to Millie Carlucci On Rayonu the Penguin Retire, despite the victory over the playoff the Dragonreveals his identity, and the identity of Eduardo Vianello. Vianello He announced during the competition that he has to give up the game for family reasons, but his mask continues to be challenged in upcoming installments with a new mysterious artist inside of him.

The masked singer’s plea for peace. Anastasia Kuzmina in tears: “I ask you with all my heart …”

The masked singer, the penguin is Eduardo Vianello

to me The masked singer penguin Reveals his identity, the identity Eduardo Vianello. The penguin won the play-off against the Dragon He got the TV broadcasting service, but in fact announced that he had to give up the competition for family reasons: “It was heavy … – he explained. Eduardo Vianello Just unmasked – the head of the mask is very heavy and this morning I measured myself. I’m not really tall…but I’m two centimeters shorter.” So the rulers’ predictions were confirmed, but they also assumed Giusy Ferreri and Malgioglio. Then complete the journey the Dragon who keeps the reserve on his true face, also surprisingly from penguin Which will be translated in the next episode by a mysterious new artist. some protest from Arissawho instead wanted to know the identity of the Dragon“But can I read the rules?!” – he asked – because he changes all the episodes…”

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