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Do you say goodbye to friends? The teacher will make way for a former student: indiscretion

Saying goodbye to friends, the teacher will leave his place to a former talented student: who will be according to indiscretion

with victory Luigi Strangis also on Friends 21 The curtain fell. And after a successful release that moved us, enjoyed it, and conquered us, the lovable talent is ready to open the doors to a whole new release.

Does the teacher say goodbye to friends? What indiscretion will reveal (Credits: Instagram)

We are already talking about Friends 22 And the twist is already ready for “thunder”. According to Foolishness, it seems that a talented teacher is ready to put the experience behind the Amici Professorship behind him to take another path. So, we can really believe that the one that aired last night was the last episode ofTeacher from school friendsLooks like she really wants to tell him Good-bye. But who will it be? Let’s find out.

After Amici 21 Does the teacher say goodbye to Amici? indiscretion

If in recent weeks everyone has been wondering if we’ll ever see Raimundo Todaro again as Amici’s dance teacher,This time another name has been added to the list of teachers who can welcome talent.

Although there is currently no official news,indiscretion Launched on social networks by Amedeo Fenzawho is very close to Maria de Filippi’s production company, Fasino, would have already aroused some suspicion. Everyone is wondering at this point who is the face of the teacher who can say goodbye to friends. The indiscretion revealed by the influencer bears the name of the singing teacher Anna Pettinelli.

As expected at the moment, Anna Pettinelli herself was not going to confirm the rumors, and therefore would only be assumptions. Assumptions that would also relate to a possible replacement who could take the place of the singing teacher at this point. The same rumors would have let friends know Anna Pettinelli’s farewell as well making it known that we could see a former student of talent in his place.

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These are still strays, so we don’t know to what extent we can give credit for information that has yet to receive a response from those directly involved.

Goodbye teacher friends
(Credits: Instagram)

And if it is true, who would you like to replace in the new version of the talent?