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The Erasmus program “Business English” from Matteo in Vasto comes to America

The Erasmus program “Business English” from Matteo in Vasto comes to America

in the heart Boston University City (USA), a group of students and faculty from IIS. Vastovil Matte” prepares for an extraordinary adventure. A transformative learning experience is possible thanks to the project Erasmus of International Movement. Eight Matteo students will depart on a flight to Boston on Sunday, May 19, with a scholarship from the European Community to take them from Italy to the United States. An intensive program for 21 days Business English from Fisher College in BostonLocated in the lively atmosphere of the cultural capital of the East Coast, it confirmed itself at the top of the world rankings yesterday. World University Rankings Thanks to Harvard University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

The project, promoted by Vasto’s Mattei, Thanks to ten years of experience in Erasmus Plus and accreditation as a school until 2027 by the national agency , is not only an extraordinary opportunity for students to expand their horizons, but also an opportunity to live as protagonists in an international context and fully understand the meaning of cultural diversity and inclusion. Not only will students have the opportunity to interact with their American peers, but they will also be immersed in a welcoming international community. Entrepreneurship e Beginners Coming from all over the world.

During their time at Fisher College, students participate in a variety of academic and cultural activities designed to enrich their perspectives and stimulate their learning. Lessons are not limited to the walls of the classroom, but extend beyond the city of Boston. Students have the opportunity to go on guided excursions, visit cultural institutions and participate in local events. Explore the rich history and vibrant culture of New England’s capital city.

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But the experience didn’t stop there. Authors of Mattei in Vasto Sarah Di Berardino (Erasmus Program Coordinator) and Mirko Menna (Teacher of Italian and History) Who will play a key role with the students in facilitating this journey of discovery. In addition to providing practical support, they act as guides and mentors, encouraging students to overcome their own limitations. Breathtaking territory To fully experience guided tours of America’s most prestigious campuses: a Weekend Discovering the Big Apple and its skyscrapers, monuments, museums and shops fulfills the American dream of many students who visit New York.

For students of Mattei di Vasto, the program is not only a learning opportunity – announced director Gaetano Luigi Fuiano – but a moment of personal and professional growth. By interacting with their international peers and immersing themselves in a new culture with a global dimension, they will be invaluable for both their academic and professional futures, as well as being one of the school memories. Drawer forever.”

Ultimately, Mattei di Vasto’s innovative Erasmus program is more than a simple cultural exchange, it goes beyond the European dimension, it is a life-changing experience that opens students’ minds and hearts to new possibilities and perspectives. The program promotes global understanding and bridge-building between nations, through intercultural dialogue and cooperation, against all kinds of walls that create barriers and narrow-minded mistrust.

Whether exploring the streets of Boston or sharing ideas in an international classroom, the trip represents a step toward the increasingly interconnected world of which Vasto’s Mate is a pioneer and researcher.