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Giving away homes to German retirees

Giving away homes to German retirees

What is the point of a depressed European policy, which prevents growth, including demographic growth, and leaves the Mediterranean countries in a state of depression, unable to maintain their populations? Simple: providing nursing homes for Germans.

Does this seem to you just a demagogic and populist statement? Well, look what he’s writing today Handelsblatt German business newspaper:

Every time Jetta Al-Hamdan returns home for a few days, she just wants to escape: “In Germany, people walk around with long faces, and you immediately immerse yourself in this gray world,” says the 65-year-old. But in Italy, everyone on the street welcomes you, they are all friendly, helpful and in a good mood. Young people will have more respect for their elders. “There’s nothing holding me back anymore.”

The German has lived in Sicily with her husband Claude, 67, since the start of 2022. They have built their new life in the idyllic town of Caltagirone in the south-east of the island. It takes 20 minutes to reach the sea, and about an hour’s drive to Catania. You live in a 700-year-old house, with three floors and a roof terrace. They paid only 25 thousand euros for 140 square meters.

“We then invested a good €80,000 in the renovation,” says Jetta over the phone. They rebuilt the bathrooms and the roof and set up a basement apartment for guests. Just a few steps are enough to reach the square in the historic center of the city, a UNESCO heritage site. “We have a completely different quality of life here,” he says. Neither of them would get a bad idea

Living in the historic center of a small/medium sized Italian village, full of history and created for a quiet, safe and comfortable lifestyle, is a dream for any civilized human being. In order for us to be able to afford them at very low prices, for the Germans, the French or the Dutch, the value of real estate must fall.

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What better way to keep values ​​ridiculously low than to create the conditions for permanent economic depression, through imposed austerity, than with two stability pacts of “under my leadership we will never get into debt”. In this way, property values ​​are destroyed, while keeping them high enough that a few local indigenous people are unable to buy and rent them.

There could be some slightly wealthier natives, who might consider buying the houses themselves to invest in a German/Austrian retiree who wants to spend his retirement in Italy. Then the pro-European and Nordic genius creates ridiculous energy efficiency standards for the Mediterranean country, such as not making any renovation worthwhile, or canceling housing prices.

In this way, with only four crumbs, the rich German will be able to buy, and the poor Italian will become extinct or be forced to emigrate.

Now, I think you’ve explained to yourselves many of the ridiculous decisions that have been made over the past 20 years

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