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Game Room: Hasbro’s Super Game Room makes its debut

Game Room: Hasbro’s Super Game Room makes its debut

The new Hasbro lounge will open its doors in the huge American Dream shopping center in New Jersey with a rich and unusual bar.

Written by Vincenzo Giacometti

(Image: by Jibreel23 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Entertainment still manages to overcome spectacle. Especially in the US, where gaming is serious business. Especially now, with the long-awaited arcade Game room, Powered by HasbroWhich will open its doors in the huge shopping center The American dream In New Jersey next month.

The new one was originally scheduled to open in 2022 FEC (Family Entertainment Center) It will cover an area About 4 thousand square meters Inside Meadowlands II Shopping Centre Mall United States by size.

Designed to be the next evolution of modern social entertainment, the Games Room aims to engage visitors of all ages and encourage them to play, compete and socialise. The venue will feature a reinvented arcade platform with structured intermediate games and interactive activities such as ““Ski Golf”.

The location of The Game Room in the American Dream, the approximately 300,000 square meter headquarters, is strategic. The complex already hosts a mix of entertainment, shopping and dining, including Dreamworks Water ParkI Nickelodeon Universe theme park And the LEGOLAND DISCOVERY CENTER.
Matthew Proulx, vice president of physical entertainment at Hasbroannounced to The site will offer attractions for all ages: in fact, the wide range of attractions includes a themed laser tag game “GI Joe”While games with prominent licenses such as “Dungeons & Dragons”, “NERV” H “My little pony.”

Along with the attractions, there will be an arcade fully stocked with licensed Hasbro prizes and Milkshake Bar “Candy Land” It offers a wide range of food and drinks.

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