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Wannachi, chat bad hate: Massimo Giannini's defense is a boomerang

Wannachi, chat bad hate: Massimo Giannini's defense is a boomerang

Born on April 25 and created by Massimo Giannini, Bella Ciao's shocking phrase that can be read in the chat is “Let's kill him!” General Roberto Vannacci, revealed yesterday by Il Tempo, has been making rounds on the web. “On the left they will never contradict themselves: democracy only when it suits them. Shame!”, commented League President Matteo Salvini. To which the Repubblica editorial responded, a classic worst-case scenario.

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facts. The WhatsApp “list” includes journalists, publishers and cultural figures. However, with regard to the candidacy of General Roberto Vannacci for the European Championship in the league's line-up, the group's participants overstepped the mark. Scrolling through the news, we first read an ironic “Degenerale Vannachi.” Then the reflection: “In any case an individual who will represent Italy in the EU”, complete with an emoticon crying in frustration. And then we get to the heart of things (and the worst): “We have to do something. Of course.” “Let's kill him!” Someone realizes the mark is overstepped and adds: “This sentence brings it back to Facci”.

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As mentioned, the president of the League himself underlined the double standard of some leftists, “democracy only if it suits them”. Giannini replied to Salvini: “He accuses us of a sentence about #Vannacci that appeared in the April 25' chat – writes the journalist in a tweet on X -. Why don't you report what I wrote? Do you see it?: 'Some words are not used, not even jokingly, not hateful' .Kianin also publishes a screenshot of a pistol shot to his chat companions: “However, friends, we are many, we are different, but for the sake of respect, we will always try to maintain the correct tone: 'Let's kill him'.” 'Shouldn't really be asked, not even as a joke, it shouldn't become any social network, i.e. 'restaurant for humanity' (copyright Stefano Masini). In short, Giannini directly confirms that hate speech written in chat is unacceptable, even if not required.

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