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With Google Pay, India can now get money from the US

With Google Pay, India can now get money from the US

Yes, now Americans can Google Pay India GPS is an application not only in India but also in Singapore. The Big G agreement with Western Union and Wise made this possible, both of which integrated their services with Google Bay.

Google Pay dall’USA all’India

There will be a global expansion by the end of this year. This is the goal Josh Woodward, Google Product Managing Director, said the cross-border payment feature with India and Singapore was the beginning of this expansion. According to the two partners, as part of the federation, Western Union will pay overseas fees on Google Bay in more than 200 countries, while Vice, formerly known as Transfer Wise, will support more than 80 countries.

This is how it works when US users now think of sending money to users with Google Pay India e Singapore, They can do so by choosing which payment provider to use between the Vice and Western Union, and all the information regarding the exact amount disclosed by the recipient, and how long he will receive it. This function was a means, i.e., only the United States could send money to the above two countries, not vice versa.

Google Pay chooses India

India’s choice has clear strategic goals in economic terms. In fact, in 2019 it was the largest recipient of remittances $ 80 billion According to the World Bank, in the year in question. However, on the other hand, the United States appears to be the main sending country. So, while this choice may be the first test related to being a large-scale project, it will become very far-sighted.

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In terms of fees, even if you choose Vice or Western Union, Google does not charge customers extra. In the given interview Tech Crunch, Shelley SwanbachKay, head of the Western Union product and site, said: “The epidemic continues to have a devastating impact on many parts of Asia, especially communities and clients in India and Latin America. This convenient channel will help people continue to support each other during these difficult times, while being able to pay and transfer money around the world.

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