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“Are you united with Rosella?”.  But this is how Saviano and Scorati behave

“Are you united with Rosella?”. But this is how Saviano and Scorati behave

Salon you go, martyr you find. And this Turin Book Fair He has seen many pass through these hours Antonio blackout e Roberto Saviano. The former complains about the personal attacks she received after the (already denied) audition for her single on April 25. The second complaint is that although the Prime Minister eventually calls Meloney a “bastard”, his show will likely be broadcast by Roy. Both, this is the real news, faced a demand to offer their solidarity to the minister Eugenia Rosella Silenced by the protestors in the States General, they refused to do so. One way or another.

Messenger of Fourth Republic He went to Turin and asked the “censored” par excellence two simple questions. However, who is deaf? Unity for Minister Rosella? Saviano is straightforward: “No, the opposite: because competing is democratic. A minister cannot be censured but cannot be contested.” Think about that too Sergio Mattarella He criticized the disruption of public standards of birth as “desiring to silence those who think differently from the foundations of civilization and our constitution”. But Saviano did not hear from that ear: “not against the constitution”, but rather “it is part of democracy, I have this vision and I will always defend it”.

Let’s ignore the fact that Saviano instead offered his solidarity to the students trying to break the police cordon in the square. In Turin, let’s ignore the truth, just as the protests were discussed internally Freedom of expression, only the presence of officers in riot gear prevented pro-Palestinian marchers from occupying the stands with their slogans. And let’s ignore the words of Massimo D’Alema, according to which “these kinds of protests always exist but they do not call into question the freedom of expression”.

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We will get Antonio blackoutIt’s microphones Fourth Republic He had already “disgusted” them once by refusing some questions. This time he was less forceful but the decision did not change: “I have decided not to comment to any press”.

Also, one might think that solidarity is enough for a minister who cannot express his opinion.