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“China Uses 'Boiled Frog' Strategy, Becomes More Aggressive”

“China Uses 'Boiled Frog' Strategy, Becomes More Aggressive”

Rome, 28 April 2024 – La Chinese uses The “boiled frog” strategyNamely, and not only the slowly rising tensions in the China Sea TaiwanBut with South Korea, Philippines and Japan. This is supported by the outgoing commander US Army in the area Indo PacificAdmiral John Aquino Financial Times interview. Aquilino, a former Tomcat and Hornet top gunner, has long experience in the U.S. Navy and has seen these tensions heightened by Beijing's dangerous military moves. “They are becoming more aggressiveThey are becoming more daring and dangerous”, said the admiral, who will hand over command to the admiral next week Samuel Paparo.

Worst moment? When Pelosi visited Taiwan

Aquilino, who has witnessed China's threatening expansion with his own eyes, pointed out that the speaker of the US House of Representatives will visit Taiwan in 2022. Nancy Pelosi, It is the worst moment for relations between the US and China, which has faced unprecedented military exercises. He was there when the whole of America was wondering what a Chinese weather balloon was doing in American skies, but he played it down in interviews.

The second is the reefs of Thomas Shoal

But according to Aquilino, to better illustrate the Chinese 'boiled frog' strategy, we need to look at the case of coral reefs. The second is Thomas Shoal, an reef somersault Inside Spratly Islands of the South China Sea, 105 nautical miles west of Palawan City in the Philippines, which Beijing considers its territory. And China continues to claim the submerged reef despite a 2016 international arbitration ruling that it has no sovereign rights. In December, after a second Philippine expedition to Thomas Shoal, Beijing immediately sent 11 ships to the area, not officially warships but so-called paramilitary fishing boats subsidized by the Chinese navy. Also, Manila reported a serious incident: Chinese coast guard ships used water cannons and rammed Philippine supply ships, causing extensive damage to the ships.

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Taiwan is constantly threatened by Chinese military aircraft

Yesterday, as in other incidents, at least 22 Chinese military aircraft flew over the island of Taiwan within three hours. Ministry of Defense in Taipei: “We detected the activity of 22 planes of the People's Liberation Army (Chinese Armed Forces, ed.) from 9.30 (3.30 in Italy)”. These 12 planes “crossed the neutral line” between China and Taiwan.