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With this trick, you can launch Google Maps and Waze even within galleries: here's how

With this trick, you can launch Google Maps and Waze even within galleries: here's how

Today's world is becoming increasingly technological, but services like Google Maps and Waze don't always work in tunnels.

Mobility has changed a lot in recent years, so much so that there are many new tools that ensure you can move more quickly and in a safer manner. The inclusion of navigators in cars was one of the first big innovations of these years, as their signals were always perfect in all conditions.

How to run Google Maps and Waze in the tunnel (Canva –

The problem with navigators installed directly on cars is that they cannot be updated and therefore do not know which new roads have been built recently. A big problem, considering how the Navigator is used to find city streets that are often unknown.

It therefore becomes necessary to be equipped in other ways, as in the case of… Google Maps or Waze. Not only is it always updated, but at the same time it allows you to know the traffic in real time. It also helps avoid fines, as it is able to detect the presence of… Speed ​​cameras.

For this reason, apps are increasingly being used, and connectivity to today's cars means that they can be connected to the car via phone. So it's a big help, but it's unfortunate that the signal in the tunnels is very poor and so it's not picked up. However, fortunately, everything has a solution and it is amazing how galleries are no longer a problem even for these applications.

Google Maps and Waze in the tunnel: Here's how to do it

The reason why these applications do not work properly in the tunnel is due to the fact that GPS relies on triangulation. The signal is received by three satellites, which report the location, speed, and some details about the vehicle.

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How to use Google Maps in the tunnel (Canva –

However, this signal is unable to cross the walls created by tunnels, which is why we often find ourselves in a state of no return. However, we often know roughly which way to take, or in any case we can imagine that if we go into the mountains we will probably find ourselves facing tunnels.

For this reason, we always advise you to download the map in advance, to ensure that it can work perfectly even when offline. Naturally, this will prevent us from obtaining information regarding traffic and potential actions, but in all respects it will represent classic navigator indicators.

However, when you find yourself in a borderline situation, you can activate “Bluetooth Tunnel Beacons”. The latter is actually located in the “Settings” section of the phone, and once here, all you have to do is tap on “Navigation” and activate it, granting all the necessary authorizations. This way the signal will become much stronger and thus will be able to be received even in tunnels. However, at the moment, this innovation can only be used on Android phones, however internal control Department It appears to be close to adapting, and thus equalizing, the technology of its archrival.