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Sharp decline in pension amounts: This is how much we lost with the new options

Sharp decline in pension amounts: This is how much we lost with the new options

There is a decline in pensions in Italy. Let's analyze Quotation 102 and Quotation 103 and their implications for the gender gap.

In Italy, the year 2023 saw a Significant reduction in pension amounts. This raised concerns among residents and raised questions about the reasons for this decline. Analyzing the data provided by INPS, it is clearly evident that this decline is drastic Associated with restrictions on early exit, which began at the end of the 100th session and continued with the implementation of the 103rd session. However, the restrictions also imposed on Opzione Donna further contributed to this worrying trend. INPS data show that 764,907 pensions were disbursed in 2023, a decrease of 11.07% compared to 2022.

Pension amounts decreased significantly in 2023 –

Old-age pensions decreased by 2.38%. Early pensions in the transition period from Quota 102 to Quota 103 suffered a sharp decline of 16.09%.. Survivor pensions also recorded a decrease of 17.98%, while disability pensions decreased by 13.55%.

The retirement year as a whole saw an increase in the average monthly amount, rising to €1,140, ​​a slight increase compared to 2022. However, the early pension check suffered an average decrease of 7% compared to the previous year. This is mainly due to the limit imposed by Quota 103, which states that treatments cannot exceed 5 times the minimum treatment quantity. With the changes introduced by the 2024 Budget Law, this limit was reduced to 4 times, which contributed to a significant decrease in retirement amounts.

The problem of the gender gap

women's choice, Previously a preferential channel for working women and the self-employed who wish to retire early, He suffered severe restrictions. The recalculation of contributions introduced by the legislation caused a reduction in the retirement allowance, resulting in… The average amount is less than 1000 euros per month. This measure had a negative impact on women who chose this path, further contributing to the decline in pensions.

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Female workers receive an average monthly allowance of 30.45% less than men –

One of the most worrying aspects highlighted by the INPS data is the increasing gender gap in pensions. Due to early release reviews, In 2023, female workers received an average monthly allowance 30.45% lower than their male colleagues. Overall, the average amount for women was €950 per month, while for men it was €1,366. This difference is also reflected in early pensions, where the new pensions for 2023 are on average €1,758 per month for women and €2,111 for men.

In summary, The decrease in pension amounts in 2023 is a result of the restrictions imposed on the 103 share and the restrictions applied to Opzione Donna. Early pensions have suffered a significant decline due to the new limits imposed, which has increased the gender gap. Women, already disadvantaged in the retirement system, saw their monthly benefits fall even further. It is necessary to carefully study these trends and consider measures that could mitigate the negative effects on pensions and reduce gender disparities in the Italian pension system.