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"Wings of Hope" Maglianese monument between science, entertainment and charity

“Wings of Hope” Maglianese monument between science, entertainment and charity

A small glow in the sky of Magliano, to the northwest, in the same direction as the wind was blowing, the first monument “Wings of Hope”, dedicated to Francesco Trevisi, was opened.
The young kite surfer died just over a year ago at the age of 29, after suffering a brain aneurysm.

A little over a year after this tragic event, family and several friends organized a fun event full of ideas, with scientific insights and exciting moments of stories and music. An unusual Sunday evening in the Piazza degli Eroi in Magliano, where many find themselves united by affection for a dear compatriot, among the orchid stalls dedicated to research, and galleries of paintings and animations displayed on the front wall.

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reflection but also diffusion, which is highly coveted by Pino and Rosanna, Francesco’s parents, to learn more about diseases of the nervous system. A series of interventions that clarified all aspects of neurological disorders and trauma, which in some cases are unfortunately irreversible.

Research in the field of neurology and neurosurgery was discussed with neurosurgeon Vincenzo Di Angelo, neurologist Giuseppe Messili and Federica Caruso, radiologist who spoke about
Diagnosis and progression. Antonio Burtoni, a physiotherapist, explored the topic of rehabilitation challenges, while geriatrician Giovanni Lecciso, explored the psychology of trauma.
Finally, Stefania D’Agostino, a researcher at the University of Salento, addressed the developments in the field of nanotechnologies in the health sector, one of the most active in organizing this event.

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Despite the depth of the interventions in some very artistic passages, an interest in the subject and a desire to learn more kept alive the attention of many compatriots and friends who remained to listen to the experts, despite the steady autumnal temperature.

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The proceeds were donated to ANEU, an independent association of the Italian Society of Neurology that is specifically active in the management of neurological emergencies. The same association has established an award, named after Francesco Trevisi, to be dedicated to the best contribution in the context of their 8th National Congress in the field of ceremonial vascular research.

The fun evening concluded with a musical performance by the Ensamble Terra Del Sole, made possible thanks to the collaboration of Tonio Paladini, sponsor of the famous summer event Magliano Ti Amo.

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