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WhatsApp has released its first short film, dedicated to NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo

WhatsApp has released its first short film, dedicated to NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo

The announcement of a short film came as a surprise The WhatsApp. Thus, the messaging app first appeared in the world of entertainment. And it does so with a proven global impact work, because nigga odyssey It narrates the difficult childhood and the rise to success Giannis AntikonmoThe Nigerian NBA star is known worldwide for his skills on the pitch.

To baptize the news, WhatsApp released a file tractor On YouTube, specifying that as of September 21, the shortcut will be visible in Prime video And on the social channels of the application. The short story begins with the protagonist’s birth in Greece and continues to narrate the athletic path that “reconciles him with his roots, place of birth, and a sense of belonging among multicultural worlds.”

Inspired by epicEpic Narrated by the basketball player and his mother Veronica, the short film was directed by directors Nono Ayuso and Rodrigo Inada and its duration is 12 minutes.

The goal is to take advantage of the player’s popularity Milwaukee Bucks, the NBA champion in 2021 thanks to the Greek plays, or rather the Greek Freak, as he was nicknamed by his teammates. In fact, Anticonmo had already had become First Certificate of Application last February. the reason? In the summer of 2013, she just landed alone in the United States, Keep in touch with family and friends via WhatsApp. β€œIt allowed me to connect with them and it was a huge part of my life,” he said explained Antitoconmo a fast company.

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WhatsApp plan with nigga odyssey So it’s clear: to celebrate the story of an athlete admired everywhere, who finds his origins without giving up his present, to announce the app’s ability to bring people together.

While you are waiting to watch the short film, below you will find the trailer for nigga odyssey.