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Hulu: Disney aims to become the sole owner of the platform before 2024 |  Television

Hulu: Disney aims to become the sole owner of the platform before 2024 | Television

hollowThe streaming platform, which operates in the United States, is currently 70% owned by Disney and 30% by Comcast. In 2024, Comcast has the right (but not the obligation) to sell its stock to Disney At least $27.5 billion, however, in an interview with diverseDisney CEO Bob Chuck confirmed that talks are underway to anticipate the sales window:

We’ve been arguing for a long time. This is not a new idea. There were continuous and sporadic conversations for a long time. [Anticipare la finestra] It’s possible. But it depends on the other partner’s tendency to have discussions that lead [l’acquisizione] to be fulfilled first. [Da parte nostra] We will be fully prepared to do so.

Disney’s interest in owning the entirety of Hulu, and thus its contents, is in fact due to careful business logic, explained by Chapek himself:

The first request that Disney Plus subscribers made to us is to have more general entertainment. We still have plenty of room for Marvel fans who haven’t signed up yet. Lucasfilm fans still have plenty of leeway, and Pixar still has plenty of leeway. But the first opportunity we have is to add more general entertainment. When people watch Dumbo With their children and put them to bed, 7:30 pm, these people may not want to watch Bambi? They want to look at something else, something that’s still Disney with a capital “D”. And the flexibility of this choice is much broader than we would have imagined, as our experience in Europe shows, on Disney+, where we have a lot of public entertainment on (the platform). The demand for public entertainment is huge. We have a lot of general entertainment content within The Walt Disney Company. We don’t have the ability to take full advantage of it due to our complex ownership situation (on Hulu), at least for the next 16 months.

Speaking at the recent Goldman Sachs + Technology conference, Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, suggested instead that his company’s intentions are very different: “CrAnd that if Hulu were to go on sale, Comcast would be interested in buying it. In addition to many other technology and media companies. There will be a strong rodThen select:

Regardless of whether 100% of Hulu’s value is what we’re entitled to, if it goes up for sale, we and others would love to storm the opportunity. I think our position [in Hulu] Very enviable for us and our shareholders. As a company, Hulu has done an amazing job.

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source: diverse/ CB