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William and Kate are angry with Harry: the reason is in Spear’s book

William and Kate are angry with Harry: the reason is in Spear’s book

Relations between William, Kate and Harry had deteriorated irrevocably with the announcement of the Sussexes’ resignation in January 2020. However, the anger of the princes grew with each public announcement by the Duke, until it exploded, naturally in private, with the publication of the memoirs, “Cut. Minor”. Which took place on January 10 last. In particular, the couple will not be able to forgive Harry for a paragraph contained in the autobiography, which has sparked a lot of controversy, because it could represent a point of no return in the relationship between the children. Lady Diana.

Wales v Sussex

William And Kate They will be “grouchy” With Harry and expert Tom Quinn sure he knows why. This time, in fact, it won’t just be about the hate and disappointment caused by Megxit, the interviews and the Netflix documentary. There may be a more subtle reason, and it’s something the Princes of Wales will never be able to forget. Quinn revealed to Express: “I’ve interviewed people who worked for Meghan and Harry when they were in England, and I’ve also interviewed people who worked for William and Kate, and they say there’s a lot more anger in private than in public, especially regarding William’s physical health.” Aggression towards Harry. “They seem angry about this.” In fact, the princes did not reveal, at least publicly, their alleged anger.

William attack

Tom Quinn refers to the now well-known, but still supposed, story of the torn chain, or the fight that allegedly took place between William and Harry at Nottingham Cottage in 2019, leaving the latter’s pendants on the “battlefield.” It all started with some comments from the Prince of Wales, which he was going to specify Meghan Markle “annoying” And “rude”. Harry would defend his wife, but William would justify himself by claiming that he only wanted to help his brother. The discussion could have led to a violent quarrel in the kitchen of the residence, when the Duke offers the Prince a cup of water to calm himself down, as reported in Pieces: “…[William] He lowered the water, insulted me again, and approached me. It all happened so quickly. Very fast. He grabbed me by the collar, tore off my necklace, and pushed me to the ground. I landed on the dog bowl, and it broke under my weight, hurting my back. “I stood there for a moment in shock, then I got up and asked him to come out.”

The prince’s repentance

After this clash Prince William He will continue to provoke his brother: “Come on, hit me!” You’ll feel better if you hit me!’…’Come on, like when we were kids’.” But Harry would have avoided: “‘No. You’ll just feel better if I hit you. Go away please.'” Immediately afterwards the future king will regret his rashness: “[William] He left the kitchen, but not Knott’s. He was in the living room…and I stayed in the kitchen. It had been two minutes, two long minutes. “He came back with a sorry expression and apologized.” William would have downplayed the argument and asked his brother not to talk about it with Meghan. The Duke of Sussex, shaken by what happened, called his therapist and explained: “We’ve had a million physical fights in our lives… When we were kids, we did nothing but fight. But this time was different.” Megan had noticed this immediately “bruises” And the gods “scratches” On Harry’s back: “…I couldn’t lie to her. She wasn’t very surprised, and she wasn’t angry at all. “It was very sad.”

The series is on the late show

the Prince Harry Not only did he write down these tales, but he showed off the now-repaired chain last January during The Late Show, describing the meaning of the three pendants: “There’s my kids’ heartbeat, it’s a gift from my wife…but on this one, there’s a tiger’s eye on it, made by a friend of mine in Botswana.” The display of the necklace may have been a gesture intended to lend credibility to the narrative presented in “Spare Parts.” However, in reality, we only have Harry’s version. The Prince of Wales has always followed the line of conduct set by the Crown, the traditional silence dictated by the family crest “There is no explanation if there is no complaining.” (“Never complain, never give explanations”).

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General hostility

At this point, it’s no surprise that William would be ‘Really angry that these difficulties have become public’, Quinn said. The royal family has always made secrecy a point of honor. Naturally, there was no shortage of exceptions, but silence, seemingly indifferent, composure remained one of the main rules of life at court. the Windsor They should not (or at least should not) engage in disputes, arguments and divisive issues as most ordinary people do, let alone expose their private problems to the whole world. It is not a matter of arrogance as much as it is a matter of an attitude aimed at protecting the royal institution. In other words: if the king or queen acts recklessly and inadequately, placing themselves below their rank, the Crown will lose the aura of magic and mystery, but above all neutrality, the role of guide of the nation, and therefore its role. Reason for existence. It is also for this reason that the Princes of Wales, who are reserved by nature, would not have appreciated Harry’s statements, but they were careful not to expose themselves with public statements that would fan the flames of gossip and controversy with the Sussexes.

William doesn’t trust

William and Kate’s anger at Harry’s revelations will also have another consequence: a complete collapse of the princes’ level of trust towards the Sussexes. For a long time, tabloids have speculated that future monarchs would not want to see or hear from the duchesses for fear that any discussion would end up in the press, or in new memoirs and documentaries, and sentences could be manipulated and emotions exaggerated to attract them. interest . . The princes would be afraid that “every word they said could be used against them.” Given the precedents, this would not really be a far-fetched hypothesis. Expert Richard Fitzwilliams, recalling that the two brothers had not met for months and had not made any effort to attempt dialogue, told the Express newspaper: “I’m afraid this shows that the rift is deeper than ever and that the relationship between the brothers is very bad.” Resumes and interviews would do nothing but exacerbate an already blazing situation: “The point is simply that Harry cannot be trusted… If you were Harry and I were William and we were talking, how could I be sure that what we were talking about didn’t come up somewhere?” Fitzwilliams also explained that Duke of Sussex He could write new books about his life: “Let’s say Harry has a four-book deal with Random House and decides to expand Spare, or maybe he writes more about his childhood, or Meghan writes a memoir. There are a lot of ifs and a lot of question marks. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have behaved in an unpredictable manner.” “Absolutely, but one thing remains predictable: they love to publish, and as we have seen, they use this to their advantage, in a brutal way.”

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