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Show so-and-so, criticism of Belén Rodriguez’s impersonator: Virginia Rafael was better

Show so-and-so, criticism of Belén Rodriguez’s impersonator: Virginia Rafael was better

Belén Rodriguez’s impersonator on the Tale e Quale Show is Amelia Villano, but the audience at home was expecting Virginia Rafael, who is considered the official impersonator of the Argentine soprano.

In the episode of Friday, October 6, A Show such and such there was Amelia Villano As the fourth surprise judge to take on the role of Belén Rodriguez. For many viewers, it was inevitable that this character would be associated with the most brilliant imitator Virginia Raphael. There was perhaps no better impersonator for this occasion and this is the question many have asked about X. The account she will be tweeting: “When you order online versus when you get it to your home” .

Virginia Raffaele has never been a guest on the Tale e Quale Show

What is airing this season is the thirteenth edition of the Tale e Quale Show and Virginia Raphael has never been invited since the surprise fourth judge format was introduced. However, the amazing circumstances are because Virginia Raphael shared a wonderful version of the Sanremo Festival with Carlo Conti, that one broadcast in 2016. Virginia Raphael then returns to the festival in 2017 as guest episode and in 2019 as co-host. From Baglioni II with Claudio Bicio.

Who is Amelia Villano?

The impersonator in the third episode of the Tale e Quale Show is named Amelia Villano. She is 27 years old, born in the province of Caserta and is a singer and radio speaker for RTL 102.5. In the past he has participated in The Voice of Italy and on TikTok, he enjoys comedy videos and imitating celebrities, including Belén Rodriguez. She is very active on social media, in fact the numbers she can count are very high. Suffice it to say that his Instagram profile has more than 100,000 followers while on TikTok he has more than 400,000 followers. Incredible numbers. In the team of RTL 102.5, he works as a speaker on Radio Zeta Generation Zeta. He also released a single with Nek Dj.

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