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Giovanni Totti, governor of Liguria, under house arrest: “corruption”

Giovanni Totti, governor of Liguria, under house arrest: “corruption”

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The president of the Liguria region, Giovanni Totti, was involved in an investigation into port concessions and election financing. Moncada banned from Eselunga board of directors. Confiscation of 570 thousand euros from some entrepreneurs, including Aldo Spinelli

Earthquake in Liguria The president of the region, Giovanni Totti, was arrested on corruption charges. He is accompanied by the former Chairman of the Ports Authority and the current CEO of Irene Paolo Emilio Signorini, In addition to the entrepreneur Aldo Spinelli.

Genoa’s financial police are carrying out orders of precautionary measures ranging from imprisonment to bans. He also ends up on trial Francesco Moncada, Eselunga Board Member, A recipient of a prohibition measure of a temporary ban on undertaking entrepreneurial and professional activities.

According to the Genoa prosecutor’s office, the group created a system of patronage in the form of bribes that effectively supported the political government. Between functions Under the lens are the concessions of port areas, Similar to those attached to the Rinfus terminal, but with hidden money for advertising space, a maxi illuminated billboard and the letter Ezelunga appear frequently on the tallest skyscraper in Genoa.

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Among those under investigation were six different prosecutors led by the head of the prosecutor’s office, Nicola Piacente, in various investigations. Matteo Cozzani, head of the current cabinet of the region: Alleged “electoral corruption”. Aggravating circumstances of the intention to facilitate the operation of the mafia organization Cosa Nostra, Especially the Cammarata clan of the district of Reese with a projection in the city of Genoa. Other names include Mauro Vianelli, head of Ente Pacini, Roberto Spinelli, son of businessman Aldo, Venanzio Maurici, Arturo Angelo Testa and Italo Maurizio Testa: the last three have links to organized crime.

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