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The famous dermatologist says it clearly: This product can harm the scalp

The famous dermatologist says it clearly: This product can harm the scalp

You have to pay a lot of attention to the hair product and how to use it well because it can be very harmful to the scalp.

the hair care It includes many small precautions that are necessary if you want to have long hair Beautiful, healthy, shiny. Among the elements that must be taken care of is not only the hair itself, which is taken into account in its lengthening and therefore its length, but the very important part that must be taken care of is the hair. Scalp health.

The health of your hair also starts there Damaged skin Inevitably leads to damage to proper training and development of Hair bulbs Hence good hair growth. There are many problems that can affect this area so it is necessary to control and treat them well.

This also depends onUse of products Which is used for washing and which treatments are applied. Mistakes are often made even unintentionally. So it is good to know what they are to avoid them later and promote head health. It is among the most commonly used products when washing hair with shampoo Balm H Sometimes it is not used correctly.

Hair conditioner: how to use it correctly so as not to damage the scalp

I American dermatologist Charles Buza Important details about the use of balm and the errors associated with it that can be very harmful are revealed. In the scalp, in fact, Irritation may occur Caused specifically by A Incorrect use of conditioner.

How to use hair conditioner well
The correct way to use hair conditioner –

Indispensable for Hair straighteningto make them more Smooth and soft, less static after drying and with a stronger structure, conditioner is a product that is almost always present at the time of shampooing. It is applied immediately after washing with detergent and then rinsed. This process is trivial and it seems obvious that it is done the right way.

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But in reality this is not always the case. In fact, there are those who use a lot of conditioner: The quantity should be moderateIt is not at all necessary to spray your hair with a lot of products and what is usually called is enough Walnut”as is the case with Butter in the kitchen.

In addition to the quantity, the place where you use the conditioner is also very important. It should never be spread on the scalp Ma Only on hair lengths and ends. It is best distributed by running your fingers through your hair or you can help yourself with a wide comb. After dispensing, in some cases you have to wait a few minutes for the application time to expire, but most conditioners can be rinsed off after just a few seconds.

Moment Rinsing is equally important Because it has to be done very well. All conditioners must be removed and therefore the process must be done gently and not in an abbreviated manner. There should be no touch No residue And no foam at the bottom.

Leaving traces of conditioner on your hair weighs it down and damages it. Above all, it is deposited on the scalp, hindering and enhancing the access of oxygenSebum accumulationWhich leads to the skin becoming oily. there The right amountapplication Only on lengths that it The perfect rinse These are the items that should not be forgotten.