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Will Posey liberates the Brandenburg Gate, England's old Raven Tor project

Will Posey liberates the Brandenburg Gate, England’s old Raven Tor project

Sports Climbing: On Sunday November 7, 2021, Scottish climber William Posey released a very old project at Raven Tor called the Brandenburg Gate and now has a 9a+.

Scotsman Will Posey is unstoppable at this point, and after the boom’s long-awaited second climb at the Raven Tour just a week ago, on Sunday, the 22-year-old released what has long been considered the ‘holy grail’ of British sport climbing project Brandenburg Gate.

Located directly to the right Hubble Which Bossi repeated in 2016, Brandenburg Gate It’s short and intense and has worse barriers than the famous Ben Moon Road. Unsurprisingly, over the past two decades some of the UK’s strongest sport climbers, most notably John Gaskins, who in the early 2000s nearly succeeded in free climbing, but very surprisingly, the degree now suggested by Posey is “only” 9a+ and not 9b or even more difficult.

Bosi only took eight days to decode the sequence and 7 attempts to free ascent, which compares to 40 days of invested attempts to replicate leap D Steve McClure.

After his success, Bossi declared: “I tried the route out of curiosity a few years ago and came down from above to feel in control, but only this year did I start making some time for it. Once conditions in the rock improved, I started trying to climb it up seriously and was able to spot the sequences pretty quickly. After putting the boom aside It was great to get back on the track and make it to the chain unscathed! The track is very similar to Hubble in some way, but the sequence of movements is more complex and technically demanding. I got stuck at the bottom for a while, but once I figured out how to do it, I was able to close the path quickly” .

“My opinion is that Brandenburg is a soft 9a+, compared to the boom I consider a hard 9a+. The climb was more difficult than other 9a’s I’ve done in the past, but not by much, so I feel it’s worth a 9a+, hardly. However, Again I can’t wait to see some repetition so the appreciation can settle in one direction or the other.”

appearance: Raven Tor, England

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