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Will PlayStation VR2 be backward compatible?

Will PlayStation VR2 be backward compatible?

Home PlayStation brings its VR2 vision to users, which is a technological breakthrough in this field. Unfortunately, this will not be compatible with the first VR titles, but in turn, Sony will not leave its gamers without their favorite video games.

In fact, despite not being backwards compatible, it will be the games that receive an upgrade. In fact, the first release versions will be updated so that they can also work on VR2, so nothing is lost!

Which games will be the first to get the upgrade?

First of all, we specify that this update for VR titles will be completely free. Right now, Sony only has a few titles planned, but the list is likely to be updated, with a significant increase in the games that will be subject to the upgrade.

Among them, we can find:

  • After The Fall: Action shooter, developed and published by Vertigo Games
  • Hello Neighbor VR: Search and Rescue – Puzzle horror game, developed by Steel Wool Studios and published by tinyBuild LLC
  • Light Brigade: roguelike shooter, developed and published by Funktronic Labs
  • No Man’s Sky: Action-Adventure, developed and published by Hello Games
  • Pistol Whip – Rhythm Shooter, developed and published by Cloudhead Games
  • Zenith: The Last City: Massively Multiplayer Online RPG, developed and published by Ramen VR

PlayStation VR2, what has changed from the first version?

The latest generation Sony viewer system has very different characteristics compared to the VR system. First, let’s talk about a new tracking system with custom controls. It may look similar to the first version, but the link is completely different.

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Moreover, there are much higher technical specifications than the first viewer, in VR2. In fact, we have many improvements, both in terms of resolution and refresh rate, in relation to the screen. This is probably the reason why games need to be upgraded and are not currently compatible with the latest version of the headset.

perfect fit

In order to be upgradeable, games will be subject to re-modification through targeted updates. At the moment, in addition to the previously prepared list, Sony has not announced other titles that will be able to switch to be usable from VR to VR2.

The update system, in fact, was entrusted to the developers, and therefore it is not unique. This brings us to the question of the next games that will be added to the list of games available for VR2.